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  • Google+ Resurrects Playback Feature From Wave, Renames It “Ripples”

    Google+ Resurrects Playback Feature From Wave, Renames It “Ripples”

    Last August, Google asked us all to say good-bye to Google Wave. Some said Wave was ahead of its time, some said that the platform had enough features to sink the Titanic. However, Google today announced some significant updates to its social network, Google+, among them that Google Apps users can now sign up for G+ — the integration is finally live. And one of these features launched… Read More

  • As Buzz Sounds More Like Crickets, Does Google Need To Be More Patient?

    As Buzz Sounds More Like Crickets, Does Google Need To Be More Patient?

    As we first reported late last week, Lars Rasmussen, the father of both Google Maps and Google Wave, has left Google is heading to Facebook. As we suspected, part of the reason is that Google pulled the plug on Wave barely a year into its existence. “It takes a while for something new and different to find its footing and I think Google was just not patient,” he told The Sydney… Read More

  • Lars Rasmussen, Father Of Google Maps And Google Wave, Heads To Facebook

    Lars Rasmussen, Father Of Google Maps And Google Wave, Heads To Facebook

    When Google put their faith in Wave, an ambitious new project last year, they knew it was a gamble. But a big part of it was the team behind the project. A team led by Lars Rasmussen, the engineer best known as the co-creator of the hugely successful Google Maps. And now he’s left the company. And from what we hear, he’s heading to Facebook. Rasmussen confirmed his departure on… Read More

  • Facebook Groups Is Sort Of Like Google Wave For Human Beings

    Facebook Groups Is Sort Of Like Google Wave For Human Beings

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the new Facebook Groups. It seems well-thought-out (yes, despite the sometimes annoying opt-out aspect) and well-implemented, but I’m just not sure what my use case for it is going to be. I want to use it, but I can’t figure out a reason to just yet. Oh my god, it’s Google Wave all over again! Okay, it’s really not. Instead… Read More

  • Google Wave Still Dead, But Funeral Won't Be Until 2011. And Data Export Coming.

    Google Wave Still Dead, But Funeral Won't Be Until 2011. And Data Export Coming.

    Yes, Google Wave is dead — but it won’t fully flatline until some time in 2011, Google confirmed in a post today. Well actually, their words were that (the front-end product) “will be available at least through the end of the year.” But yes, you can probably expect them to shut it down sometime in 2011. But before that happens, Google is also promising… Read More

  • The Google Wave That Crashed

    The Google Wave That Crashed

    When I first heard the news that Google Wave was dead last week, I was surprised. I wasn’t surprised because it was a thriving, successful product (obviously, it wasn’t). I was surprised because of the gushing I heard about it from within Google leading up to and immediately following its introduction. To hear them tell it, this was the future. So I was obviously surprised that… Read More

  • Schmidt Talks Wave's Death: "We Celebrate Our Failures." [Video]

    Schmidt Talks Wave's Death: "We Celebrate Our Failures." [Video]

    As you may have heard, Google Wave is dead. But why is it dead? Google CEO Eric Schmidt took some time today after his panel at the Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe, CA to answer that. When BBC reporter Maggie Shiels asked about the reasons behind the product’s demise, Schmidt noted that Google liked the UI and a lot of the technology behind the product, but it simply to take off. Read More

  • Wave Goodbye To Google Wave

    Wave Goodbye To Google Wave

    Maybe it was just ahead of its time. Or maybe there were just too many features to ever allow it to be defined properly, but Google is saying today that they are going to stop any further development of Google Wave. Wave, a real time messaging platform, was unveiled in May 2009 to an enthusiastic crowd of developers at the Google I/O event in San Francisco. It would “set a new benchmark… Read More

  • Now Open To Everyone, Google Believes Wave Is Finally Ready To Roll

    Now Open To Everyone, Google Believes Wave Is Finally Ready To Roll

    It was one year ago at Google I/O that company unveiled one of its most ambitious projects to date: Google Wave. Sadly, ambition doesn’t always equal success. In fact, you might say Google Wave was too ambitious. It was promising to be too many things — it needed focus. And it needed polish. Now, all this time later, Google believes it finally has both. Today, Google is announcing… Read More

  • Google Wave May Finally Tread Water With Email Notifications

    Remember Google Wave? No, not Google Buzz — Wave, that other social information pump that Google launched last year. It’s hard to blame you if you don’t. While Google’s goals are ambitious with Wave, many users couldn’t figure out what to do with it, or why they needed it in their lives. Perhaps more importantly, it was basically impossible to know if someone… Read More

  • Sergey Brin Used Google Buzz To Write His NYT Op-Ed On Google Books

    During the Q&A session today following the Google Buzz event, Google co-founder Sergey Brin revealed something both humorous and interesting. When asked a question about practical uses for Google Buzz, Brin noted that he actually used the service to help him write his op-ed about Google Books that ran in the New York Times last year. Brin noted that he was having difficulty with the… Read More

  • If Google Wave Is The Future, Google Buzz Is The Present

    If Google Wave Is The Future, Google Buzz Is The Present

    See our live notes from today’s Google Buzz event here. Google has a problem. Despite having their hands in just about everything online, they’ve never been able to tackle what is a key part of the fabric of the web: social. Yes, they have Orkut and OpenSocial, but no one actually uses them. Okay, some people use them, but not in the meaningful social ways that people use Facebook… Read More

  • 2009 As Told In Google Wave

    Love it or hate it, Google Wave is proving to be a great way for people to express themselves creatively in the form of videos. We’ve seen it with Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting. We’ve seen it with the Declaration of Independance. And now we have a 2009 year-in-review Google Wave video. There’s not much to say other than this is really well done. It was created by… Read More

  • A Million People Riding Google Wave. Most Of Them On Their Stomachs.

    The first time you go surfing, it’s a pretty significant achievement to just stand up on the board and ride a wave. Most people never leave their stomachs, or when they do, they fly face first into the wave. Google Wave, it seems, is not entirely dissimilar. On its Google Wave Blog today, the company announced a very significant milestone for the young service: A million invites have… Read More

  • Another Google Wave Use: Manhunt

    Apparently, like everyone else, the Seattle Times is very interested in trying to figure out what to actually use Google Wave for. But while most are trying to use it for either fun, realtime chats, movie reenactments, or inner-business workings, the Seattle Times have tasked Wave with a larger goal: Catching a killer. This public Google Wave has been set up to involve the community by… Read More

  • Calling Twitter's bluff

    Ever since FriendFeed was sold to Facebook, we’ve been told over and over again that the company and its community were toast. And as if to underline the fact, FriendFeed’s access to the Twitter firehose was terminated and vaguely replaced with a slow version that is currently delivering Twitter posts between 20 minutes and two hours after their appearance on Twitter. At the… Read More

  • Why Google Wave Sucks, And Why You Will Use It Anyway

    This guest post was written by Martin Seibert, a German Internet media consultant. Google Wave is a hot topic at the moment. The ambitious group collaboration and micro-messaging platform started rolling out in beta via an initial batch of 100,000 invitations two months ago. Many people still want invitations. Among those who’ve tried it, some criticize it, some praise it. For now it has… Read More

  • We Hold These Truths To Be Awesome: The Founding Fathers Give Google Wave A Try

    Now this is cool. Some of the hype over Google Wave has died down over the last few weeks, in no small part because most people have absolutely no idea how to use it (no, the 80 minute long video demo doesn’t help). Now it looks like the Wave team has another idea up their sleeves to show people the power of Wave: they’re using it to recreate famous documents. This time… Read More

  • Google Wave iPhone App Hits The App Store … Temporarily

    Do a search for Google Wave on the App Store from your iPhone or desktop client, and you’ll see an application called just that pop up, ready to be installed as soon as you fork over $0.99 (or €0.79 in my case). One caveat: it’s not built, authorized or in any way endorsed by Google. Spotted by Stuart Dredge over at Mobile Entertainment, the unofficial Google Wave iPhone app… Read More

  • Gmail Creator Thinks Email Will Last Forever. And Hasn't Tried Google Wave.

    “Email is not going to disappear. Possibly ever. Until the robots kill us all.” – Paul Buchheit, creator of Gmail, co-founder of FriendFeed, currently doing vague infrastructure things at Facebook. Today, at our RealTime CrunchUp event in San Francisco, Buchheit and Threadsy founder Rob Goldman sat down for a chat with our own Steve Gillmor and Erick Schonfeld. The topic was… Read More