• Donates A Total Of $3.7M To Spark Civic Innovation Using Technology Donates A Total Of $3.7M To Spark Civic Innovation Using Technology

    Today,’s VP, Matthew Stepka, announced that the non-profit arm of Google is going to be giving a large sum money to Sunlight Foundation and mySociety to promote civic innovation through technology. Specifically, its Civic Information API will help fuel new applications and services for places worldwide. Big and small. Here’s what Stepka had to say about the… Read More

  • A Look At The Organizations That Grabbed $115 Million In Grants From Google In 2011

    A Look At The Organizations That Grabbed $115 Million In Grants From Google In 2011

    As you may have heard, Google is getting into the holiday giving spirit these days, as it late last night announced that it has dished out an additional $40 million in philanthropic grants, targeted at science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), girls’ education, and even fighting slavery. (You can read more in SVP Shona Brown’s blog post here.) Read More

  • BrightSource Nabs $168 Million From Google To Develop Ivanpah Solar Power Plant In The Mojave

    Developers of large-scale, solar power plants BrightSource Energy Inc. closed another $168 million investment, the company announced today — this time from Google corporate. The funds will go towards the completion of the humongous, Ivanpah solar power tower plant in the Mojave Desert now under construction. Three years ago, invested $10 million, and took an equity stake… Read More

  • Google Earth Engine Revealed At COP 16

    Today at the United Nations’ conference on climate change COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico introduced its latest philanthropic project, the Google Earth Engine— an analytics tool for earth scientists and conservationists especially. dubs their product “a planetary-scale platform for environmental data & analysis.” A product web page said… Read More

  • Google Sinks $10 Million Into New Geothermal Technologies

    Google’s philanthropic arms,, is investing a little over $10 million into the development of enhanced geothermal systems (EGS). Rather than extracting heat from the ground a few hundred feet down (or less) as traditional geothermal systems do, EGS goes several kilometers deep into the hot rock under the Earth. If we could tap just two percent of that heat under the… Read More

  • Google throws millions at the problems of the world

    It’s almost as if they just typed “problems+the+world+is+currently+facing” into their own search engine, and gave a million dollars to everyone on the first page. They’ve got money going to renewable energy, Tanzanian entrepreneurs, $8m to various health initiatives, and a bunch more. They’re setting up an entire institute in India to do a national assessment of… Read More

  • Targets Climate Change, Poverty and Emerging Threats has announced five core initiatives that will be the focus of its philanthropic efforts over the next five to ten years. The philanthropic arm of Google announced $25 million in new grants and investments to initial partners as the part of the core initiative roll out.’s five initiatives and partners include: Predict and Prevent: supporting “efforts to… Read More