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  • How Android gets to 100% market share Crunch Network

    How Android gets to 100% market share

    Android commands more than 80 percent of the mobile OS market share globally, and just less than 60 percent in the U.S. But you wouldn’t know it here in Silicon Valley — almost everyone I know has an iPhone. As the consumer technology landscape evolves over the next five years, however, there are a number of reasons to believe that Android, and the Google stack more broadly, could… Read More

  • No matter how you slice it, Apple and WebRTC need each other Crunch Network

    No matter how you slice it, Apple and WebRTC need each other

    The open source VoIP engine and standards initiative, known as WebRTC, is finally starting to get some traction. Earlier this month, Slack followed Facebook Messenger’s lead and launched its voice calling feature based on WebRTC. Though exciting, this launch is limited — it only works within Slack’s desktop apps and Chrome. We can presume it’s just in MVP mode and… Read More

  • Chrome For iOS Is Now Faster And Crashes 70% Less Often

    Chrome For iOS Is Now Faster And Crashes 70% Less Often

    Google is launching a new version of Chrome for iOS today that promises to be both faster and more stable than previous versions. According to Google, Chrome 48 for iOS now crashes seventy percent less often and the browser should feel more responsive. JavaScript execution is also now significantly faster. Until today, Google still used Apple’s UIWebKit framework. While that allowed… Read More

  • Google Turns On Safe Browsing In Chrome For Android

    Google Turns On Safe Browsing In Chrome For Android

    Google’s Safe Browsing technology is now enabled by default on Android to protect mobile Chrome users from accessing phishing sites and web pages that harbor malware. Until now, Safe Browsing was only available to desktop users, as well as for Chrome users on Android who turned on Google’s optional data compression service. Read More

  • Is The First Official Chrome OS Device A Monitor Or All-In-One PC? Nope.

    Earlier today we received a tip to check out the blog Chrome OS Site for the details on the first official Chrome OS device. Obviously intrigued, I clicked through. There, I read about not a notebook or netbook running the OS, but rather a monitor! Specifically, the report has Acer supposedly unveiling this “monitor”, or perhaps all-in-one PC, called the DX241H, as the first… Read More

  • Run Ubuntu On A Google Cr-48 Notebook

    The Google Chrome OS Cr-48 was designed to be a test bed for developers. Under the battery is a physical switch that toggles booting to Chrome OS or whatever the dev installs on it. Like Ubuntu. And here’s how you can install Linux flavor. [Google via Download Squad] Read More

  • Gmail Creator Paul Buchheit: Chrome OS Will Perish Or "Merge" With Android

    Gmail Creator Paul Buchheit: Chrome OS Will Perish Or "Merge" With Android

    Former Googler, FriendFeed founder and Facebook-er turned investor Paul Buchheit just tweeted this zinger: Prediction: ChromeOS will be killed next year (or “merged” with Android) Considering his former employer just launched the Chrome OS pilot program last week, the comment may sting a little over at Mountain View, although it should be noted Buchheit is hardly the only one… Read More

  • Google Announces Chrome OS Pilot Program, 12.1 Inch Notebook Cr-48

    Today at this morning’s major Chrome event, Google has just announced that Chrome OS… isn’t done. It still has work to do with camera drivers (for notebook USB ports), finishing Google Cloud Print, and more. But it wants to get the notebook into early adopters’ hands, so it’s announcing a new Pilot Program. Google will be distributing a notebook called… Read More

  • Google Chrome OS set to launch this fall

    The wait it almost over for Google Chrome OS. The operating system based on Google’s Chrome browser, hence the name, should be released for free this coming autumn. Google expects big things from the launch, too. Google’s VP of product management stated “We expect it to reach millions of users on day one.” That just might happen — if there’s a hardware… Read More

  • Some Early Pictures Of Chrome's New Web Apps Feature

    Perhaps the biggest announcement during day one of Google I/O was the Chrome Web Store — an app store for web apps that lives in Google’s Chrome web browser (and soon Chrome OS). There’s a lot of curiosity out there about how this will work. Here are a few early pictures to show you: Read More

  • Google Chrome OS Is Here! Well, Kinda.

    Later today at CES, Glide will be debuting its extension for the Google Chrome browser, which it claims turns the software program into a full operating system. The extension, which is also available for Internet Explorer 7+ and Firefox 3.0+, can already be downloaded here. What Glide does is extend the most popular Internet browsers with a suite of applications that can interact with… Read More

  • You can install Chrome OS on your Dell Mini 10v right now

    You can now run Chromium OS, the open source developmental version of Google Chrome OS, on your Dell Mini 10v. Don’t have one? Neither do I, so don’t feel too bad. Read More

  • Someone working on Google Chrome OS must be a big Metal Gear fan!

    Sharper eyes than mine have spotted this little easter egg in the Google Chrome OS Demo video that Google published yesterday. (Or were you completely off the grid yesterday, and didn’t know that Google hosted members of the media to demonstrate Google Chrome OS?) Big Boss? An e-mail from Yoji, asking you to be on time today? Snaaaaake! Read More

  • Google Is Keeping Chrome OS Simple. Maybe Too Simple.

    Ever since Google started talking about its Google Chrome OS, developers, competitors, and observers have been wondering why Google needs two operating systems: Android and Chrome OS. At today’s chrome OS briefing, Google was asked whether Chrome OS would support Android apps. The answer is no. Of course, as Michael pointed out during the Q&A, Steve Jobs said the same thing when… Read More

  • Video: Chrome OS For Dummies

    Still not sure why Google is building its own operating system? It created this animated video to try to explain why the Web needs a new OS, and why that OS should be Chrome. Google just showed the video at its Chrome OS press event which MG is liveblogging. Read More

  • Chrome OS: The Code Clues Are Out There

    A working Chromium on Snow Leopard and Chrome Desktop Notifications are interesting, but let’s be honest, the real Chrome-related information everyone wants to know about is Chrome OS. And today there is news, as it looks like the OS may have just revealed itself, if only slightly, to the world. No, we’re not talking about those big icon screenshots, instead, this reveal is buried… Read More

  • In The Pre-Chrome OS World, Google Optimizes Gmail For Netbooks

    Google is clearly enamored with the netbook space. We already know that it’s serving as an entry point for the new Chrome OS, but Google isn’t just going to sit around and wait for that, it’s starting to optimize its experience for netbooks already. Tonight, Google has just released a small new feature in Gmail Labs so that users can optimize their email service for viewing… Read More

  • MG Has A Chrome Attack

    After Google dropped its Chrome OS bomb yesterday, the news that Google is working on a new operating system generated a media frenzy. Our own MG Siegler covered the news from all angles, and did a live interview on Attack of The Show (embedded above). As MG points out in the interview, this is just an entry point for Google (netbooks today, PCs tomorrow), and the announcement was expertly… Read More

  • Why Chrome OS Now? Because Microsoft Office In The Cloud Comes Monday.

    The timing of Google’s announcement of Chrome OS was curious. I don’t mean the fact that Google moved up the post on it by a day when some details leaked out, I mean the fact that they were announcing it on some seemingly random date in July, well before anything is actually ready to show off. Now, we likely know why. On Monday, Microsoft is set to unveil its plans to counter… Read More

  • Chrome OS Partners: Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments

    Google is starting to respond to questions about the just announced Chrome operating system. In a short FAQ today they talked about cost and initial partners. First of all, the software will be free, which was an easy assumption to make since it will be open source. Like Android, Google will not charge users or device manufacturers to use the Chrome OS. Yesterday Google said they were… Read More