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  • Reminder: Google Buzz Is Still Dead, Your Data Will Be Moved To Drive, And They Thank You For Using It

    Reminder: Google Buzz Is Still Dead, Your Data Will Be Moved To Drive, And They Thank You For Using It

    Google Buzz, the social service that Google launched way back in 2010 and then killed in 2011, reminded former users that their data still lives in and will be moved over to your Google Drive accounts in July. That’s lovely. Read More

  • If Google Buzz Is A Black Hole For Sharing Traffic, Google+ Is The Big Bang

    If Google Buzz Is A Black Hole For Sharing Traffic, Google+ Is The Big Bang

    Back in March of last year, we noted that Google Buzz, Google’s shiny new social network at the time, was getting smoked in terms of referral traffic sent our way, by a dead man, FriendFeed. It turns out, Google’s own Analytics service was undercounting Buzz because it resides in Gmail, which uses HTTPS, which strips out referral information. In other words, most Buzz traffic… Read More

  • Buzz Off, Google Buzz

    Two days ago, we removed the Google Buzz button from the top and bottom of each post on TechCrunch. No one noticed. Not a single person said a word about it. It wasn’t until earlier today when I tweeted about it that we got some feedback on the change (most of it being: “oh, I didn’t even notice”). As I tweeted, that in and of itself says a lot. The issue of Buzz being… Read More

  • Google Realtime Search Quietly Adds Quora, Gowalla, Others

    Google Realtime Search Quietly Adds Quora, Gowalla, Others

    Google Realtime Search is nothing new. For months it has existed as its own area within the search engine’s navigation to search for things happening in realtime. But up until now, that has meant mainly Twitter (thanks to Google’s data deal with that company). But earlier today, it appears Google flipped the switch to make Realtime Search a lot more useful. Namely, they’ve… Read More

  • Reid Hoffman: "Good Internet Companies Never Ambush Their Users"

    Today at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman took the stage for a chat with NetworkEffect’s Liz Gannes. The main point of the discussion was Hoffman’s belief that “Web 3.0” is data. More specifically, the platform part of data. But that’s old news, Hoffman gave that talk at SXSW a few weeks ago. More interesting were his thoughts on… Read More

  • Google Emails All U.S. Gmail Users About The Buzz Settlement — And To Say They're Not Getting A Dime

    By now you may have heard that Google today settled a privacy lawsuit filed by a group of Buzz users. What’s sort of odd though is that Google actually emailed all U.S.-based Gmail users (Buzz resides within Gmail) to let them know about the resolution. And, apparently, also to let them know that they’re not getting a dime Instead, the $8.5 million settlement money will be placed… Read More

  • As Buzz Sounds More Like Crickets, Does Google Need To Be More Patient?

    As Buzz Sounds More Like Crickets, Does Google Need To Be More Patient?

    As we first reported late last week, Lars Rasmussen, the father of both Google Maps and Google Wave, has left Google is heading to Facebook. As we suspected, part of the reason is that Google pulled the plug on Wave barely a year into its existence. “It takes a while for something new and different to find its footing and I think Google was just not patient,” he told The Sydney… Read More

  • Facebook Follow: The Twitter-Eater, The Preemptive Google Me-Killer

    Facebook Follow: The Twitter-Eater, The Preemptive Google Me-Killer

    Up until a few months ago, I was using Facebook the same way I was using Twitter. That is, I was allowing anyone to follow me. But it was different. With Twitter, anyone can follow me without my approval. On Facebook, everyone needs my approval. Though perhaps ill-advised, I was simply blindly approving anyone. Then I stopped. There was no single reason why I switched my Facebook habits, but… Read More

  • Google Buzz Gets A "Who To Follow" Feature Too

    After your initial surge of people connecting to your social graph what do you do to strengthen it? Launch a “who to follow” feature. It worked for Facebook. It’s working for Twitter. And now Google Buzz is going to give it a try. As they announced tonight in their Buzz feed, the next time users load up the Buzz tab in Gmail, they should be greeted with a box suggesting… Read More

  • First Look At TweetDeck For Android

    First Look At TweetDeck For Android

    TweetDeck is preparing to release its first Android app in beta tomorrow. I got a hold of the beta build and some screenshots. The app adds some new elements which go beyond TweetDeck’s popular iPhone app, and even introduces some new elements not yet found in its desktop app. But this app shows the direction where TweetDeck is going. As CEO Iain Dodsworth noted in a blog post… Read More

  • The Google Wave That Crashed

    The Google Wave That Crashed

    When I first heard the news that Google Wave was dead last week, I was surprised. I wasn’t surprised because it was a thriving, successful product (obviously, it wasn’t). I was surprised because of the gushing I heard about it from within Google leading up to and immediately following its introduction. To hear them tell it, this was the future. So I was obviously surprised that… Read More

  • Schmidt Talks Wave's Death: "We Celebrate Our Failures." [Video]

    Schmidt Talks Wave's Death: "We Celebrate Our Failures." [Video]

    As you may have heard, Google Wave is dead. But why is it dead? Google CEO Eric Schmidt took some time today after his panel at the Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe, CA to answer that. When BBC reporter Maggie Shiels asked about the reasons behind the product’s demise, Schmidt noted that Google liked the UI and a lot of the technology behind the product, but it simply to take off. Read More

  • Real Time Search Engine OneRiot Taps Into The Google Buzz Firehose

    Real time search engine OneRiot is now tapping into Google Buzz. So now, content shared on Buzz will now be indexed in realtime search results available through OneRiot’s API and the the third party developers who build apps on top of the search engine’s API. Realtime search results will now be incorporating what is being shared most by Buzz users. This also means that the… Read More

  • Google Taps The Buzz Keg For More Social Search Brew

    Google Taps The Buzz Keg For More Social Search Brew

    Google Social Search is a good idea. You take regular Google search results and intertwine them with related elements that your contacts have shared on various social networks. But there’s one big barrier to entry. In order for your contacts to automatically share elements, they have to link up their various social profiles to their Google Profile page. A lot of people are simply not… Read More

  • Google Buzz Adds Rebuzz Feature — But Don't Call It That, That's Lame

    No matter the social service, a common key feature is the ability to reshare something. Facebook has “Share,” Tumblr has “Reblog,” and, of course, Twitter has “Retweet,” to name a few. The feature provides a simple way for users to do something social without having to do much themselves. And today, Google Buzz is gaining its own such feature — but… Read More

  • Now Open To Everyone, Google Believes Wave Is Finally Ready To Roll

    Now Open To Everyone, Google Believes Wave Is Finally Ready To Roll

    It was one year ago at Google I/O that company unveiled one of its most ambitious projects to date: Google Wave. Sadly, ambition doesn’t always equal success. In fact, you might say Google Wave was too ambitious. It was promising to be too many things — it needed focus. And it needed polish. Now, all this time later, Google believes it finally has both. Today, Google is announcing… Read More

  • Tweets In Buzz: It’s Complicated — Well, Maybe Political

    Yesterday, I moderated a panel at TiEcon featuring the heads of product for Google, Twitter, and Facebook — an interesting group, obviously. It was a good, long discussion (hopefully I’ll have the full video to post soon). But definitely one of the most interesting points of the discussion was when I asked Bradley Horowitz, a Vice President of product management at Google, why… Read More

  • Google Buzz Spreads Across The Web, Launches Official Share Buttons

    You may remember that soon after Google Buzz launched, our crack developer Andy Brett made the Internet’s first Google Buzz Button, which you could use to share our stories to the new service. That button, while quite clever, was what some developers might call an “ugly hack” — it used Google Reader to share stories, because Buzz hasn’t offered a native way to do it. Read More

  • Mobile Gmail Now Buzz-Worthy

    Even though Google’s Buzz has drawn criticism for privacy issues, and has been deemed an overall frustrating experience, Google is not giving up on Buzz altogether. Google just adjusted its settings for Buzz, and today, the search giant is integrating Buzz into its latest version of Gmail For Mobile. So now, you’ll see Buzz as a tab in your inbox on your phone when you access… Read More

  • Google To Buzz Users: Are You Sure You're Not Oversharing?

    When Google announced its big jump into the social stream with the launch of Google Buzz back in February, the company thought it was doing everyone a favor by having users auto-follow the people they emailed and chatted the most with. That was a mistake, and the heat was turned on quickly by the broad press, vocal users and privacy pundits. Two days after launching (prematurely), Google… Read More

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