Review: Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset


This is the Official PS3 Bluetooth headset that was released with SOCOM: Confrontation earlier this fall. It is made specifically for the PS3 but also works on any other Bluetooth device. Voice quality is great and battery life, build quality and ease of use are good, making this a formidable headset. Click on for the entire review.

In the Box: In the box, you get the headset itself, a spare earpiece ring, a dock, a short usb cable and instructions.

The Good: The unit is built well from sturdy plastic and the earpiece and ear clip are rubberized for a more grippy feel. It has dedicated power, volume up, volume down and mic mute buttons, a connector for the dock on the bottom and a covered mini-USB port on top. The dock is also solid and features rubberized feet to prevent slipping. 

This headset looks pretty good too. It sports a PlayStation logo on the front and has some glossy bits here and there that tie it in well with the PlayStation 3 console and controller.

The battery life is 8 hours in-use and 300 hours on standby, so you’ll probably have to charge this headset as much as the controllers. And while charging, the ring around the mute button blinks red and when fully charged, it glows red. 

Pairing the headset with the PS3 console is extremely easy. Just put it in the dock or plug it in using the USB cable and that’s it. You can also pair it with any other device that supports Bluetooth (including the PS3) using the usual steps of putting it into discovery mode and typing in a passcode.

The really cool thing about this headset is the desktop mic mode. When you place the headset in the dock to charge, it also acts as a powerful desk mic. It supports the high quality voice chat feature on the PS3 and the voice quality is comparable to most headsets out there today. Also, the range for the microphone when it is in the dock is amazing. That being said, it also easily picks up background noise that you don’t want.

The Bad: While the rubber ring that connects the ear clip to the headset makes switching between right and left easy, it does wiggle a little.

Like many other Bluetooth headsets, this comes as one size fits all. There isn’t an included set of earpieces and ear clips of different sizes. This means that people with ears larger or smaller than average might have issues wearing this headset.

The USB cable provided is really short and doesn’t give much flexibility for placement. 

Also, because of the gamer-esque styling, you will most likely look like a tool if you are caught using one of these with your phone in public.

Final Thoughts: If you don’t already have a headset for your PS3 and want respectable battery life and the convenience of a dock and desktop mode, this is probably the one to get.

If you want a headset for your phone, you are probably better off trying a dedicated mobile phone headset.

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