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  • Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 (Wii)

    Here’s one man’s opinion: Nintendo Wii, as a gaming system, was meant for golf. I would have bought the thing if it was called the Nintendo Golf Simulator back when it was released. Nintendo keeps releasing non-golf games for it, yet I just wait for one game every August. Tiger Woods 07, released in mid-March 2007, was a pretty good first crack at motion-based golf on the Wii. Read More

  • Review: Razer Piranha headset

    [ I’m new to the video review thing, so forgive me if the thing above is too long by half, which I’m pretty sure it is. I’ve included a traditional text review as well, in case you don’t want to look at my smirking video-face. Anyhoo, I’m reviewing Razer’s Piranha gaming headset. If you’re in the market for… Read More

  • Mini Review: ‘Aurora Feint’ for iPhone/iPod Touch

    We got a request in last night from one of our readers to try out the free “Aurora Feint” game, available for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the new iTunes App Store. Hey, guess what? It’s an awesome game. It’s kind of like “Columns” meets your favorite RPG. Since I’ve only ever been hooked on “Everquest,” let’s say it’s like… Read More

  • Mini-Review: Das Keyboard

    Originally the high-end keyboard roundup was just three keyboards, but Das Keyboard caught wind of it and wanted to throw their famously blank keyboard into the mix. The one I got my hands on is actually printed, but I do like the idea of the blank one. I’ve only had it for a day so a full review isn’t really in order, but I’ve typed out a few posts on it and that’s… Read More

  • Review: SteelSeries 7G gaming keyboard

    High-end keyboard week continues! You may not have heard too much from SteelSeries yet, but they’re big in Europe and they’re starting to make their mark here. One of their flagship products is the keyboard I’m typing on right now: The 7G. It’s aimed at gamers, but more in that it’s extremely durable and reliable as opposed to being covered in buttons. Read on… Read More

  • Review: Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard

    I’ve been using the same keyboard for the last, well, many many years, so it’s fitting that all of a sudden I should have several dropped in my lap. I’m currently juggling offerings from Microsoft, Razer, and SteelSeries. I can tell you right now that none of them sucks, but if you want more you’ll have to read the reviews. Today we’ve got Razer’s… Read More

  • Review: Nyko Kama Wireless Nunchuck

    One of the biggest issues I had with the Wii was the Nunchuck. It felt bolted onto the the console and was basically a way to add a few triggers and an analog stick to the Wiimote. Not amazing and, when in the heat of battle, prone to flinging out of your hand and flailing wildly. Nyko took a look at the Nunchuck, said we can make this better, and has with their $34.99 wireless solution. Read More

  • Citizen Review: Warrior Wolf King XXtreme When J Rob won the Citizen Reviewer contest to review the Warrior Wolf King XXtreme, I was a bit trepidatious. First, this guy is a drunk! Second, he wouldn’t move his Ford Focus from off our lawn! Was this the guy to review such a hi-end piece of hardware. My fears were assuaged, however, when he send us… Read More

  • Review: Falcon Dust-Off Keyboard Quiver

    [photopress:scaled.IMGP6601.JPG,full,pp_image] I’m not a PC gamer at all. I think the last game I played on a PC was my freshmen year in college when the Internet connection was blazing fast and everyone on my floor was into Unreal Tournament. Yeah, pretty sure that was the last I played a game on a PC. But there are millions of gamers out there and tons that are professional. I… Read More

  • Review: Rock Band, the operative word is "Rock" [Updated]

    [photopress:2336063332_be45c7a742.jpg,full,center] Guitar Hero was a good start, but Rock Band is the next logical step in multiplayer rock gaming, and it rules. You don’t have to be a musician or a gamer to get into it, and in the new world of Social Video Gaming (yes, I’m coining a phrase), Rock Band is an important opening salvo. On a tech or gadget website like this one… Read More

  • Review: The Club for Xbox 360

    I haven’t had a whole lot of time (enough to review it but haven’t finished it) to play this title from Sega, but what I can tell you is that it provides one with hours of mindless fun. It’s a much different approach to shooters then I’ve played and I’m on the fence about whether or not that’s a good thing. As I’ve said before, The Club is like… Read More

  • Review: Guitar Hero carabiner

    Nicholas and I attended the Toy Fair here in NYC and this was one of the three of four items we found cool. The carabiner was rather large and was hardly audible, but I guess for the price, you can’t expect too much. The fanboys will probably jump all over it, but I think I’ll pass. Read More

  • Review: MX vs ATV: Untamed for Xbox 360

    I was hoping to get this review up before CES, but things got a little crazy and I’ve been gone all month so here’s my review of MX vs ATV: Untamed. Stop watching the trailer. I know they’re scantily clad and they’re getting wet, but let’s get this out of the way and then you can go back to it. Seriously, pay attention. Read More