Review: Razer Salmosa gaming mouse

Mouse week’s first object of review. This is Razer’s lowest-cost mouse, with the fewest buttons and features. Find out whether it’s worth the forty bucks by clicking above for the video review or clicking below for the plain ol’ text review.

I’ll keep this short because it’s a simple mouse. What we’ve got here is essentially a regular two-button mouse that’s been given the Razer treatment. It’s got a superior sensor, nice build quality, and the satiny finish of Razer mice that is so satisfying.

Of course, it only has two buttons, plus that clicking scroll wheel. This means you don’t have any spare buttons to assign to back, double click, or on-the-fly sensitivity. Bummer, but they at least addressed the last problem. On the bottom of the mouse are two switches, one for switching between 800 and 1800 DPI (low and high sensitivity, essentially) and one for switching the polling rate between 125, 500, and 1000Hz. It felt most natural to me at 500, for some reason.

It has the same great tracking as other Razer mice and of course all the sensitivities are adjustable in the little control panel. It’s a bit small, but I had no trouble topping a server in TF2 even though it’s not my usual whole-hand grip style. It shows things like sweat and grease unbelievably well, so you may embarrass yourself if you have sweaty palms (you pig).

No sense overcomplicating this thing. Bottom line is, it’s a great little mouse and it costs less than $40. If you have small hands (ladies?) or want a good-performing mouse without bells and whistles, this is a great choice.