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Youth mental health startup Somethings launches with a $3.2M raise led by General Catalyst

Patrick Gilligan’s childhood struggle with food began when he was 10 years old. Placed on a caloric-restrictive diet by a doctor, the regime left him feeling ashamed and alone and triggered what wou

Hippocratic is building a large language model for healthcare

AI, specifically generative AI, has the potential to transform healthcare. At least, that’s the sales pitch from Hippocratic AI, which emerged from stealth today with a whopping $50 million in s

Triumph raises $14M for an SDK to add real-money tournaments into games

The surge of interest in e-sports, online fantasy leagues and more extensive online financial infrastructure have made the concept of real-money gaming more popular among consumers and games developer

Summer’s student debt repayment tools continue blooming with $6M Series A extension

To date, Summer has delivered over $1 billion in total projected savings for student loan borrowers across the United States.

Jigso is building an AI assistant to surface the data employees need automatically

Workers are being bombarded with data from a variety of sources. If the point is to make people more productive, as the volume increases, the more difficult it is to find the information you need to d

Adept, a startup training AI to use existing software and APIs, raises $350M

In another sign that the current VC appetite for AI is insatiable, Adept, a startup building AI that “enables humans and computers to work together creatively to solve problems,” yesterday

Finch lands $40M to connect disparate HR systems with a single API

Finch, a platform that helps companies connect to various HR apps, services and systems, today announced that it raised $40 million in a Series B round co-led by General Catalyst and Menlo Ventures wi

Puzzle is building a modern accounting package for today’s API-enabled startups

A company starting from scratch today is probably going to use a stack of financial software with the most modern fintech tools. These could be things like Stripe for payments, Brex for corporate cred

222 wants to match perfect strangers for bespoke, real-life experiences

As anyone who’s moved to a city sight unseen can tell you — this reporter included — making platonic connections isn’t easy. Adult friendships are fickle beasts in metros of mi

Applications security startup Apiiro pulls in $100M Series B from A-list investors

At a time when large rounds are a thing of the past, especially in the early stages, Apiiro, an applications security startup, announced a $100 million Series B today from several top-shelf Silicon Va

Top VCs have expanded into broader asset managers; is the model sustainable?

Last week at TechCrunch’s annual Disrupt event, this editor sat down with VCs from two firms that have come to look similar in ways over the last five or so years. One of those VCs was Niko Bona

Localyze, a SaaS for staff relocation, gets $35M as it gears up for US launch

Hamburg-based Localyze is gearing up to launch in North America in the coming months — powered by a fresh raise of $35 million in Series B funding that’s being announced today, a little ov

Marc Lore chews the fat about reinventing at-home dining at Disrupt

There’s no denying it — when it comes to e-commerce, Marc Lore delivers. The serial entrepreneur sold Quidsi, the parent company of, and others, to Amazon in 2011 for $550 mil

Spectral raises $23M to help create web3 credit scores

As more traditional finance products and services find their way into web3, there are some crypto startups emerging with a focus on adding decentralization to old-school practices. Spectral, a credit

Neon nabs $30M to build a scalable cloud service for Postgres databases

Neon, a startup providing developers with a serverless option for Postgres databases, today announced that it raised $30 million in a Series A-1 round led by GGV with participation from Khosla Venture

Traba raises $20M to match contractors with events and warehouse work

Traba, a jobs board designed to help entry-level workers find available shifts at fulfillment centers and event venues, today announced that it raised $20 million in a Series A round. Khosla led the f

Hank helps older adults connect and have fun

It’s often hard making new friends as an adult, and it’s even more difficult as you get older, say the founders of Hank. The app connects people aged 55 and older with other folks in their communi

India’s CityMall cuts 191 jobs following $75 million fundraise in late March

Social commerce CityMall, which unveiled a $75 million financing round in late March, is cutting 191 jobs, the latest Indian startup to eliminate roles as it looks to better navigate the sharp reversa

Multiverse nabs $220M at a $1.7B valuation to expand its tech apprenticeship platform

We’ve been tracking a worrying trend of layoffs in the technology industry, but that is not the full story. There is, concurrently, a wave of organizations that are also in the process of traini

Adam Neumann’s blockchain-based redemption story now sponsored by a16z

In a classic “pivot to crypto to reinvent yourself” moment, controversial WeWork founder Adam Neumann recently launched a startup, Flowcarbon, to sell tokenized carbon credits on the block
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