Google unveils playable ads for Android game developers and other tools

Google rolled out a series of new tools for Android game developers at GDC in San Francisco this week that offer new ways to entice users to download their games, as well as ways to make more money fr

Notes From The Game Developers Conference

This year's GDC featured a wide range of themes and topics, subjects of interest and discussion. It was also a somewhat uncertain and quiet GDC however.

What Games Are: My Three GDC Themes

Women in games, the continuing rise of microconsoles and the normalizing of real money gaming. These were the three themes that I noticed most at this year's Game Developers Conference.

What Games Are: ‘Twas The Night Before GDC

The annual Game Developer's Conference rolls into San Francisco next week. The event is always worth attending if only to see what the future will bring. This year's, more than most, will be a real be

Blizzard reveals the hardware behind World of Warcraft

<img src="" />Blizzard released some interesting information about the inner workings of World of Warcraft recently at <a hr

GDC 2008: Game Developer Choice Awards roundup

Hey Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, you earned it. Nice work nabbing the Best Handheld Game of the Year award at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Still selling like hotcakes after

XNA-developed Community Games head to Xbox Live

[photopress:littlegamers.jpg,full,center] Little Gamers is one such game Also mentioned in Microsoft’s Game Developers Conference keynote was that it will let independent developers release thei

Xbox 360 gets RROD at Game Developers Conference

Spore Developer Bashes Nintendo

Since Blake is apparently taking a cat nap and watching COLT flicks at GDC, I’d like to bring something to your attention. They had a round of talks at GDC called “Burning Mad – A Ga

Playstation Home Service Announced

Sony is looking to compete with both Nintendo’s Mii Channel and Second Life it seems. Phil Harrison today announced the Playstation Home, where you can interact with other PS3 users, buy virtual

Etymotic Gamers' E.D.G.E.

Etymotic Research announced today that it would be launching a new division called E.D.G.E. Acoustics. The goal of the new division is to produce enhanced definition gaming earphones. The E.D.G.E. lin

Nokia Poised to Relaunch N-Gage As Device-Independent Gaming Platform

Nokia, bless your heart. We like that you make fairly stylish and sophisticated cellphones that are easy to use and have some power to them. We also like what you’re doing with Symbian, especial