The animated VTuber Ironmouse won Content Creator of the Year at the Game Awards

This year at the Game Awards, the coveted Content Creator of the Year award went to Ironmouse, a fan-favorite VTuber. It marks the first time that an animated character has won the award, showing how

Grand Theft Auto VI trailer breaks MrBeast’s record for most YouTube views in 24 hours

In just 22 hours, the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI has racked up 85 million views, breaking a MrBeast video’s record for most YouTube views in 24 hours. That ranking excludes music vide

Microsoft is in talks with partners about launching an Xbox mobile store

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer says Microsoft is talking to partners about launching an Xbox mobile store, as first reported by Bloomberg. Spencer made the comment during an interview at the CCXP c

Netflix gets a major win with GTA: The Trilogy coming to its mobile games roster

With a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer on the horizon, Netflix just got its hands on Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition, the company announced today. GTA: The Trilog

YouTube launches more than 30 ‘Playables’ mini-games for Premium users

YouTube is expanding its games ambition by rolling out access to a set of online games for Premium users after first testing them with select users back in September. The Google-owned company has star

After two ambitious years, TikTok parent ByteDance starts mass layoffs in gaming

ByteDance’s gaming ambition has been an expensive, short-lived pursuit. In late 2021, the TikTok parent’s plans for video games came into the spotlight after it became one of the firm&#821

Powder, an AI clipping tool for gaming, can detect when a creator yells during a stream

Powder, AI-powered clipping software that takes highlights from gaming streams and turns them into short-form videos, will soon be able to detect shouting for gamers to create even better montages. Th

Bazooka Tango nabs $5M to develop tactical collectible card game ‘Shardbound’

Bazooka Tango — a gaming studio founded by former Rockstar and Riot developers — raised $5 million in a funding round led by BITKRAFT Ventures. The proceeds will be put toward Shardbound, the upco

After 50,000 hours, this AI can play Pokémon Red

Almost 10 years ago, the online phenomenon “Twitch Plays Pokémon” convened over a million people to play Pokémon Red at the same time, with each player’s keystrokes registering as commands for

Netflix’s cloud gaming service begins tests in US

Netflix is beginning to test its cloud gaming service in the U.S. after initially launching limited trials in Canada and the U.K. The service, an expansion on the company’s mobile gaming efforts

Orion, from makers of Halide, lets you use an iPad as an external HDMI display

Lux, the makers of popular iPhone photography apps like Halide, Spectre and Skylight, is out today with its latest app: Orion, an app that turns an iPad into an external HDMI display for any camera, v

Roblox acquires voice moderation startup Speechly

Two years after announcing voice chat was coming to Roblox, the gaming company has acquired a voice tech startup, Speechly, offering voice chat moderation, real-time transcription and Voice API that l

Wicked Saints is making Pokémon GO for young activists

Jess Murrey isn’t your typical founder. After 10 years working in nonprofits to train young activists, Murrey and behavioral change researcher Alicia Clifton decided that mobile gaming could be an u

Traderie, a marketplace for in-game items, alerts users to data breach

In-game trading marketplace Traderie has alerted users to a data breach impacting their personal information, TechCrunch has learned. Traderie, owned by U.S.-based company Akrew, is a website that all

YouTube confirms it’s testing a games offering called ‘Playables’

YouTube is letting a select number of users play online games as part of a new experiment. The games will live in a new “Playables” section on YouTube’s home feed, and can be accessed on both de

MoonPay launches venture arm to invest in web3 infra, gaming and fintech

Web3 infrastructure firm MoonPay has launched an investment arm that will focus on early-stage startups in web3, gaming and adjacent fintech categories, TechCrunch has exclusively learned. The investm

Connections is The New York Times’ most played game after Wordle

The gamers behind the Gray Lady have a new game to add into our morning rotations: Connections, which invites the player to categorize 16 words or phrases into four distinct groups of four. The daily

No Man’s Sky updates are going strong with Starfield around the corner

With a big-budget space exploration game debuting in days, indie spacefaring mainstay No Man’s Sky continues to deepen its own world with no signs of slowing down. No Man’s Sky is one of g

Web3 gaming adoption is skewing toward Asia, and the rest of the world may have to play catch-up

Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable, said Asian studios are on the frontlines of web3 gaming due to the 'strong genre-fit' with collectible-driven games.

Baldur’s Gate 3 early review: Modern fantasy

First, the basics. Baldur’s Gate 3 is a Dungeons & Dragons game through and through, but you don’t need to be familiar with that world or those systems to enjoy it. It’s a dense roleplay
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