Brainly raises $14 million for its Quora-for-kids education tech

It may not be as cool as Elon Musk building a rocket ship to Mars, but every day 100 million kids ages 12 to 18 are using Brainly to ask and answer homework questions. That simple service, at that mas

Virtual science lab startup Labster bags $10M to accelerate its ed tech play

Ed tech startup Labster whose software platform enables virtual simulations of laboratories for teaching life science to students, has closed a $10 million Series A round of funding led by early stag

Salesforce expands Trailhead training as it envisions a world of citizen developers

If every company is a software company, perhaps every line of business (LoB) employee should be a programmer. That would be appear to be the idea behind Salesforce’s massive TrailheaDX announce

Hate the games, not the players

Imagine that you are lead strategist for the Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump campaign (take your pick). Your job is to maximize voter turnout in November. You hypothesize that more people would vote i

Meeting cybersecurity challenges through gamification

When it comes to cybersecurity issues, we always seem to be dealing with either shortages or excess. With the dark shadow of bigger security incidents constantly looming on the horizon, both governmen

These Healthcare Apps Keep Us On Our Best Behavior

The key question that nearly everyone is asking is this: how can we reliably affect behavior change to increase the well-being of groups large and small, across America? The future of preventative car

Keep Your Apps Playful

Computer software and apps are our modern-day toys. Whether it’s a hot dating app or a system for planning molecules (a true story), interface designers must treat the process of creating a new app

Business Goals Platform BetterWorks Leaves Stealth With $15.5M Led By KPCB

BetterWorks, a new, cloud-based platform designed to help employees set and reach business goals — and the newest project from gamification pioneer Kris Duggan of Badgeville — is coming o

Why Does “Just Add Gameplay” Endure?

It's interesting to note how a naivety cycle still exists in the educational, social and other peripheral spheres of the games industry. There are a lot of willing believers in the potential of games

Y Combinator-Backed Ambition Offers A Fantasy Football-Style Approach To Motivating Sales Teams

Ambition says it's taking the process of tracking and motivating sales teams beyond white boards and gongs. The startup, which is part of the current class at incubator Y Combinator, launched its p

With $770K In Seed Funding, Playbasis Wants Businesses In Asia To Gamify

Playbasis, a Thailand-based gamification startup that helps companies engage with customers and employees through cool rewards and social games, has raised $770,000 in seed funding from Ardent Capital

As Badgeville Homes In On Gamification For Large Enterprises, It Launches A New Behavior Lab

Gamification -- the idea of adding gameplay elements into services to get people to interact more with them -- has been one of the more buzzy features in the last few years of social media services, b

Say Something Is An App For Singles To Get Better At Dating Small Talk. But First It Needs To Attract Women

Say Something is an app in the making that wants to inject some fun into online dating by letting you practice your small talk with real people before you actually go on any first dates -- thereby giv

Appysnap Returns To Take Second Bite At Photo-Sharing Fuelled Social Mobile Gaming

Appysnap is taking a second bite at the social gaming cherry. The first version of the photo-snapping challenge-based game for iOS launched back in 2011 before its creators decided to shutter it, havi

Real Gamification Mechanics Require Simplicity And, Yes, Game Designers Can Do It

The mysteries of mechanics are the reason why gamification seems like voodoo. And it shouldn't be. Game mechanics should be simple to explain, with clear actions and outcomes. So why do we get so conf

Gamification Can Work — Just Don’t Hire A Game Designer

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Rajat Paharia is the founder of <a target="_blank" href="">Bunchball</a>, a provider of online gamification solutions.</em> Gartner recently iss

Games Industry Transitions In 2013: Will Consoles And Windows Rise Again?

For retailers and publishers in video games, Christmas is the busiest time of the year. On the digital side, Christmas is often one of the slower periods but, when the dust settles and spring begins,

The Gameplay Is The Gameplay. Always.

Most of the talk around games tends to focus on climate. It's about finding the right customers, funding, platform, business model, partnerships, metric and discovery solutions, technology, route to m

Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Gamification

<b>Editor’s note:</b> <em>Tadhg Kelly is a game designer with 20 years experience.</em> There are plenty of people in and around games who make their living largely through behaving like wizard

Are Games Really That Persuasive?

Beyond the levels, badges, reward points and promised engagement increases, there are many behaviourist game designers who see games as persuasive tools for social change. They see a very wide range o
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