Fujitsu “K”: The World’s Fastest Supercomputer Is Now Even Faster

Japan took the top spot from China in the ranking for the world's fastest supercomputer <a href="

Fujitsu’s IS12T Windows Phone Mango Launched In Japan Today (Quick Hands-On)

Last month, <a href="">Fujitsu</a> <a href="">in</a> <a href="

Japan To Invest $1.3 Billion In New Supercomputer

There is a <a href="">list</a> of the world’s 500 most powerful <a href="">supercomputers</a>, and the last time i

Fujitsu Tech Lets You Send Apps To Users At Specific Times And Places

I am not really sure if there are that many use cases for a solution like this, but here we go: Fujitsu has <a href="">develop

Fujitsu Finally Fixes Japan Release Date For Their Windows Slider Tablet

Our sister blog Engadget is still <a href="">doubting</a> it, but it's been confirmed officially: in

Video: Fujitsu Shows Next-Generation Color E-Paper

<img src="" /> Electronic paper has come a long way, but displaying content in color in a way that makes sense (refresh ra

LIFEBOOK TH40/D: Fujitsu Pushes Back Release Date Of Convertible Tablet Indefinitely

<img src="" /> Do you remember the LIFEBOOK TH40/D, the pretty nice-looking convertible <a href="http://www.crunchgea

Japan Takes Top Spot From China: Fujitsu's "K" Is The World's Most Powerful Supercomputer

<img src="" /> The <a href="">International Supercomputing Conference</a> is taking place in Hambur

Fujitsu To Bring Out 7-Inch Android Tablet This Year

<img src="" />Just last week had Fujitsu announcing the <a href="

NTT Docomo's Feature Phone Line-Up For Summer 2011

<img src="" /> We covered <a href="">NTT Docomo</a>'s smartphone line-up for thi

NTT Docomo's Smartphone Line-Up For Summer 2011

<img src="" /> Japan’s biggest mobile carrier <a href="">NTT Docomo</a> has <a

LOOX F-07C: Fujitsu's Symbian/Windows 7 Dual Boot Cell Phone Unveiled

<img src="" /> It turns out the leak we <a href="

Fujitsu's TH40/D Tablet Has a Slide-Out Keyboard

<img src="" /> I am guessing we will see <a href="

The LIFEBOOK E741/C Is The World's First Notebook With Built-In Contactless Palm Vein Sensor

<img src="" /> That was quick: on Tuesday, Fujitsu <a href="

LIFEBOOK S761/C: Fujitsu Shows Notebook With Integrated Pico Projector

<img src="" /> It took them a while, but PC makers are finally building notebooks with integrated pico projectors: that

Fujitsu Develops World's Smallest And Thinnest Palm Vein Sensor

<img src="" /> Fujitsu today <a href="">announce

Is Fujitsu Prepping A Symbian/Windows 7 Dual Boot Cell Phone?

<img src="" /> Take this with a grain of salt: Japanese tech blog Juggly is <a href="

Fujitsu Power Strip Shows How Much Electricity Companies Consume

<img src="" /> Just before the big earthquake hit Japan (and triggered a need to save energy in the whole country), Fujitsu <a href="ht

Fujitsu Takes A Bad Idea And Makes It Worse, Tries To Compete With Kyocera Echo

<img src="" />First it was the <a href="

Fujitsu Japan Announces Naked-Eye 3D PC

<img src="" /> Another day, another <a href="">3D</a>-related news item. Today, it's <a href
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