FTC seeks to modify rule to combat deepfakes

Spurred by the growing threat of deepfakes, the FTC is seeking to modify an existing rule that bans the impersonation of businesses or government agencies to cover all consumers. The revised rule &#82

FTC orders Blackbaud to overhaul ‘reckless’ security practices in wake of 2020 breach

Education tech company Blackbaud agreed to settle with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over the company’s security practices that resulted in a 2020 data breach. The FTC alleges that Blackbaud, a

FTC orders AI companies to dish on investments, partnerships and meetings

The FTC is aiming to unravel the complex and secretive corporate relationships in the top AI companies out there in a new inquiry. Orders have been sent to Alphabet, Amazon, Anthropic, Microsoft, and

FTC bans another data broker from selling consumers’ location data

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has continued its crackdown on data brokers with a settlement banning data aggregation company InMarket from selling consumers’ precise location data. Texas-based I

FTC bans X-Mode from selling phone location data, and orders firm to delete collected data

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has banned the data broker X-Mode Social from sharing or selling users’ sensitive location data, the federal regulator said Tuesday. The first of its kind settlemen

FTC proposes to strengthen COPPA, closing loopholes that allowed tech to surveil kids

The FTC has proposed tightening up the rules protecting kids from the surveillance economy. The updated rules would require companies to get the OK from parents before sharing data with advertisers an

Ads watchdog files FTC complaint against X, formerly Twitter, over unlabeled ads

X, formerly Twitter, was caught running unlabeled ads on its platform in September. Now that issue, which has been ongoing, has been brought to the FTC’s attention. An independent nonprofit Chec

Unredacted FTC suit shows ‘Project Nessie’ price-raising algorithm made Amazon $1.4B

The mysterious “Project Nessie,” hinted at in what little was not redacted in the FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon, is indeed an algorithmic pricing scheme that raised prices where it co

FTC sues bankrupt crypto company Voyager’s CEO over false FDIC insurance claims

After settling on Thursday with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), bankrupt crypto company Voyager is permanently banned from handling consumers’ assets. But the government agency also announce

Should VCs back the FTC suit against Amazon?

Which do you prefer: Regulators working to contain market power or a potential ceiling being set on exit values for the companies that you back?

What is Amazon’s [redacted] ‘Project Nessie’ algorithm?

The FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon alleging anti-competitive practices is largely full of things we already knew in a general sense: price hikes, pressure to use Amazon fulfillment and so on. But

The FTC just hit Amazon with a major antitrust lawsuit

The Federal Trade Commission made its big move against online shopping giant Amazon on Tuesday, accusing the company of illegally stifling competition on its way to becoming a ubiquitous retail presen

The FTC is setting its sights on generative AI

Generative AI startups should familiarize themselves with the parameters and limits of several common antitrust theories of harm.

X, formerly Twitter, caught running unlabeled ads in users’ Following feeds

X, the company formerly known as Twitter, has been caught running unlabeled ads in users’ Following feeds, TechCrunch has learned and was able to confirm firsthand. While scrolling the Following

FTC reportedly looking into OpenAI over ‘reputational harm’ caused by ChatGPT

The FTC is reportedly in at least the exploratory phase of investigating OpenAI over whether the company’s flagship ChatGPT conversational AI made “false, misleading, disparaging or harmfu

Crypto lending firm Celsius Network and its former CEO sued by SEC, CFTC, FTC

The now-bankrupt crypto lending firm Celsius Network and its former CEO and co-founder Alex Mashinsky faced several lawsuits on Thursday morning from three separate American entities: The U.S. Securit

FTC finally proposes ban on fake reviews

The FTC has proposed a new rule banning numerous forms of fake reviews online, from outright fabricated ones to those that are sketchily repurposed or secretly manipulated. It may not totally rehabili

FTC reportedly finalizing its biggest Amazon antitrust case yet

The moment Amazon feared when FTC Chair Lina Khan was appointed may soon arrive: Bloomberg reports that the agency is putting the final touches on its most substantial antitrust case against the tech

FTC sues Amazon for using ‘deceptive’ tactics to sign up customers for Prime

The Federal Trade Commission sued Amazon on Wednesday, alleging the retailer worked for years to enroll consumers into its Prime service without their consent, while knowingly making it difficult for

FTC reportedly seeks injunction to stop Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard deal

Update: The FTC confirms that it has requested a “temporary restraining order” preventing the deal from going through while reviews are underway. Original story follows this statement from
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