Forecast nabs $19M for its AI-based approach to project management and resource planning

Project management has long been a people-led aspect of the workplace, but that has slowly been changing. Trends in automation, big data and AI have not only ushered in a new wave of project managemen

Shopping via smart speakers is not taking off, report suggests

U.S. consumers aren’t adopting voice-based shopping as quickly as expected, according to a new report today from eMarketer. While consumers have been happy to bring smart speakers into their hom

Smart speakers’ installed base to top 200 million by year end

Smart speakers’ global installed base is on track to top 200 million by the end of this year, according to a report out today from analysts at Canalys. Specifically, the firm forecasts the inst

U.S. wearables market is doing much worse than expected

Apple may still be claiming that sales of its Apple Watch are “doing great,” but overall, the wearable device category is failing to grow at the rates forecasted earlier. According to a new report

ABI Research predicts no more night vision for vehicles

Technology market analysts at ABI Research predict that advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are going to be big business in the next decade — to the tune of $132 billion. But they also pre

Nintendo Cuts Its Annual Profit Forecast In Half Following Sales Slump

Nintendo has slashed its profit estimate for the financial year by more than 50 percent amid slowing sales and a strong yen. In an announcement today [PDF], the Japanese firm lowered its net profit fo

Dark Sky Is Ready To Be The Default Weather App On Your iPhone’s Homescreen

Dark Sky, easily one of the better weather applications on iOS, rolled out an update today that expands its focus beyond rain predictions to become a more comprehensive weather app which offers both 2

Meet Forecast, The Web App That Has Web App Developers Drooling

Anyone remember the last time I said "Wow! Look at how pretty this web app is!"? Because I don't. At least, not before this morning when I saw <a target="_blank" href="">Forecas

Forecast: Mobile Phone Shipments’ Growth Slows In 2012, But Nokia/Microsoft May Survive

Analysts at Credit Suisse are forecasting slower growth in mobile phone shipments worldwide for this year, at a growth rate of 2%. The increase is higher than previous forecasts but is down from the 1

SimpleWeather Skips The Clutter, Delivers The Goods

Most weather sites out there are usually packed with tons of ads, useless information like when the next local Golf tournament is being held, and always make you type in your zip code constantly. For