SimpleWeather Skips The Clutter, Delivers The Goods

Most weather sites out there are usually packed with tons of ads, useless information like when the next local Golf tournament is being held, and always make you type in your zip code constantly. For those of us who want just the weather and nothing more, check out SimpleWeather.

The site is minimalist and easy to use. Just enter your zip code once and SimpleWeather will remember your location forever (or until you clear your cookies out). It provides easy to read and understand data, no clutter, and the ability to convert from fahrenheit to celsius on the fly. Right now it’s US-only but they do have plans to add Canada and the UK this summer.

Now I’m sure a lot of you are going “But I have a widget for weather!” or “My Yahoo! home page shows me the weather as well!” That’s fantastic, but not every computer is capable of running widgets. And as for start pages, they’re full of other information that you don’t want see when you’re looking for the conditions outside. SimpleWeather keeps it, well, simple and we like it. Check it out, give it a look, and try using it as your homepage for a week. You’ll never want to use another weather Web site again.

Full Disclosure – Vince is involved in the site, so there’s probably some porn hidden in there somewhere.