Fly Or Die: Sex Toys

This episode of Fly or Die, focused on two different sex toys, may seem straightforward, but John and I actually learned a lot. We realized that not all sex toys are created equal, especially when you’re weighing sex toys for girls against those for boys.

In this particular episode, we look at the AutoBlow 2, a blowjob machine that launched on Indiegogo earlier this summer, and the OhMiBod BlueMotion NEX 1, a panty-insert vibrator that connects to your smartphone.

While both are surely effective in their intended goals, we noticed a very glaring difference between the two products that is representative of a larger trend. Boys sex toys kind of suck.

For instance, the AutoBlow 2 only has one speed, feels generally plastic-y and cheap in real life, and must be plugged in to work. Essentially, you’re making love to a thermos as you cower near an outlet.

Meanwhile, the OhMiBod is a beautifully designed, full-featured product that has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity alongside an iPhone app.

In short, this is a call to all the entrepreneurs out there building sex toys for guys. Step up your game.