Fly Or Die: Adobe Ink & Slide

The Ink and Slide are Adobe’s first foray into the hardware world, comprising a special stylus and a digital ruler.

Paired with the Adobe Line app, users can draw and use the ruler to create perfect shapes and straight lines.

The Ink, the stylus, is aluminum and feels and looks great. And if that weren’t enough, it works splendidly, too. There’s a slight delay, but generally speaking the Ink is a solid little Bluetooth-connected stylus.

The Slide, on the other hand, is harder to use. Adobe chose to use magnetic bits to simulate the capacitive touch of a human, meaning that you have to be applying a bit of pressure to use the Slide properly. On a smaller device, like an iPad mini, that can be difficult.

Still, there are some pretty nifty tricks included with the Ink stylus, like the ability to grab a drawing from one device and plop it down onto another.

These are the types of smart features that make the Ink and Slide a good enterprise choice for graphic design houses and the like, as the $199 price tag on the duo is a bit high for someone who doesn’t take this stuff seriously.