Fly Or Die: The Jamstik+

We’re back after a long break and I bet you missed our mugs on TC’s Fly or Die. This week we present the Jamstik+, a surprisingly cool little musical instrument that immediately got Jordan a-humming and a-strumming.

You can take a closer look at the Jamstik+ here but, generally, you’re looking at a mini-guitar that is actually a MIDI keyboard. By playing this thing as you would any guitar you can get sounds heretofore unknown by axe-men and, more important, play drums, lead, rhythm, bass, and keyboards from one device. The Jamstik team has improved their product immensely and now it supports low-energy Bluetooth for ultra-low latency.

How does it play? Jordan loved it and I intend to start carrying it on trips. In short, this thing flew like an eagle.