Fly Or Die: Withings Activité

With the Apple Watch dominating the news cycle, it’s easy to forget about the smart(ish) watches that have come before it. But while intelligent time pieces will come and go, I’m still deeply attached to my Withings Activité.

The Activité is perhaps the only attractive smart watch. Apple Watch fans will blast me in the comments, but I maintain my stance: the Activité is a more stylish watch than the Apple Watch. That said, it has a fraction of the functionality.

The Activité tracks your activity (shocker, I know), including distance traveled throughout the day and calories burn. The watch is also equipped with sleep tracking capabilities, as well as a vibration system to wake you up in the morning. The watch pairs with the Withings app, which also tracks information from other Withings devices such as the Withings smart scale.

The Activité is a touch pricey ($400), but it’s a fine looking watch that has an old-school feel while still offering functionality you’ve come to expect out of an activity tracker.

John doesn’t like it, but he’s a fanboi. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯