• Flurry: Time Spent On Mobile Apps Has Surpassed Web Browsing

    Mobile app analytics firm Flurry is releasing a new report today comparing the daily engagement of smartphone users on mobile apps vs. web browsing on the PC. For web analytics, Flurry used data from comScore and Alexa and for mobile application usage, the startup used its own analytics, which now counts 500 million aggregated, anonymous use sessions per day across more than 85,000 applications. Read More

  • Game Over for Incentivized App Downloads

    The business model of incentivized app downloads was recently dealt a death sentence by Apple.  Apple said incentivized app downloads were driving inaccurate rankings in the App Store, almost certainly because essentially paying consumers to download apps was a way of gaming a ranking system that used downloads as a key metric.  To be fair, there were many quality apps taking advantage of… Read More

  • Flurry Launches Support Program For Game Developers, Nabs Director From Playfish

    It appears there’s an arms race taking place in the mobile gaming world, and as is often the case in Silicon Valley, it starts with engineering and development talent. Google, for one, took some serious measures at the end of last year to stem the flow of its engineering talent to Facebook. Many companies go out of the way to court and retain top developers, but it’s traditionally… Read More

  • Major Decline In TV Ratings Linked To Apple iOS App Use: Nonsense Or Part Of A Larger Problem For The TV Biz?

    How did that silly song go? TV killed the radio star? First off, try telling that to Ron Bennington. Second off, whatever. Now we’re getting word that Apple, thanks to all those iOS-powered devices out there, is killing the TV star. Or, in English, that iOS, specifically the Apps, is responsible for recent downward trend in TV ratings. Hmm. Read More

  • Forget Sunday Night Football, Viewers Pile Into iPhone's Social Apps

    What does The Mentalist, NCIS Los Angeles, Sunday Night Football and CBS Undercover Boss have in common? None of them are as popular as iPhone’s social games on the Flurry network. These apps have a daily audience of 19 million viewers and are averaging more than 22 minutes per day. Let those numbers sink in, and then remember— that’s just on the Flurry Network. Read More

  • Flurry Brings Recommendation Engine To Android Apps

    Flurry Brings Recommendation Engine To Android Apps

    After the controversy with Apple and Steve Jobs over its analytics offerings, Flurry is making further moves towards the Android platform, launching its app recommendation engine AppCircle for Android phones. Flurry launched AppCircle for the iPhone last month and has attracted over 600 participating applications with a combined publisher reach of 22 million iOS device… Read More

  • MixPanel Offers Realtime iPhone Analytics That Probably Won't Piss Off Apple

    Perhaps you recall back in June when Apple CEO Steve Jobs laid the smack down on mobile analytics firm Flurry. He noted they were “pissing us off” because they were collecting device data about Apple’s products. Specifically, Jobs obviously cared because it uncovered some as-yet-unannounced Apple products. A change Apple made to their developer agreements then made this illegal. Read More

  • Flurry: iPhone Games Are A $500 Million Industry In The U.S. And Taking Share

    Flurry: iPhone Games Are A $500 Million Industry In The U.S. And Taking Share

    If you look at the top paid and top grossing apps in the iTunes App Store, the Games category dominates. People pay for games, but exactly how much do they pay? A new report coming out later today from mobile app analytics company Flurry puts a number on the iPhone/iPod Touch videogame industry. In 2009, Flurry estimates that $500 million worth of games were sold through the App Store in… Read More

  • Flurry: more Droid devices than iPhones sold in first 74 days on the market

    Mobile app analytics company Flurry estimates that while Apple sold 1 million iPhone devices in its first 74 days of availability on the market, the Motorola Droid actually shipped more devices during that timespan. Sales of Google’s Nexus One, by comparison, kinda stunk: the company only sold an estimated 135k phones in 74 days. Flurry reaches its conclusions through applications using… Read More

  • Weeks after Marrying Pinch Media, Flurry Gets in Bed with comScore and Starts Revenue Machine

    Flurry Analytics has been real busy this holiday season. They recently merged with Pinch Media to create the biggest (in terms of user base) mobile analytics platform on the market. Today, Flurry is announcing a partnership with comScore, Inc. to provide mobile analytics for comScore clientele. This will provide Flurry with a fresh new revenue stream and comScore with the ability to stay… Read More

  • Guest Post: App Developers, Get Ready For The Post-Christmas Rush

    Consumer spending during the holiday retail season, beginning with Black Friday, is among the most important predictors of U.S. economic health. Since the late 90s, tracking online sales of websites like amazon.com on the first Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, has become a second important barometer. The National Retail Federation, the world’s leading retail trade group… Read More

  • The Flurry Alarm Clock is a luddite's Chumby

    You know the Chumby, right? It’s that bedside clock/alarm/radio/YouTube & Flickr open source thingamabob. It’s hella cool, but it’s also kind of complicated for the non-techy and requires WiFi to work. I say blah to that! Really the only extra info you need to know in the morning besides the time is the weather anyway. That’s where the Flurry Alarm Clock from… Read More

  • Bootstrapping Event In San Francisco – Get The Last Five Tickets Here

    On the evening of March 6, 2008 I’ll be moderating a Churchill Club panel discussion in San Francisco on “Bootstrapping As A Start-Up.” Participants include Sean Byrnes (CEO Flurry), Craig Newmark (Founder Craigslist), Gabe Rivera (Founder TechMeme), and Stephen Weir (CEO MadeIt). The discussion will be around starting and growing a startup without outside funding. This is a… Read More

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