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All Raise taps Stitch Fix’s Katrina Lake and others to mentor female founders

As part of All Raise’s mission to increase the number of female founders who receive venture funding in the next five years, All Raise has tapped more than 120 successful female founders to prov

Female VCs from Sequoia, Cowboy, Benchmark and others launch female founder office hours

A group of female venture capitalists are launching a series of office hours for female founders. The idea is to host free, quarterly events that explore topics across the range of company stages —

It’s 2017, and women still aren’t being funded equally

VC Aileen Lee just offered some very specific advice to female founders looking for funding

Researchers from HBR discovered that investors tend to ask men questions about the potential for gains at their startups, while they ask women about the potential for losses. At Y Combinator's Female

Women 2.0 has new leadership, and is launching a tech recruiting service

Women 2.0, a for-profit for-good media business that works to bring women into the tech industry and help them succeed there, has appointed Kate Brodock as President and Elisa Miller-Out as COO, acco

Simbi raises $1.2 million to make bartering services easy online

A startup called Simbi has raised $1.2 million in seed funding to popularize its marketplace where people can barter skills and services online. Greylock Discovery fund, Crunchfund and Ranch Ventures

Innovation center for black and Latina founders opens this summer in Atlanta

digitalundivided, an organization geared toward advancing equity in tech, is opening an innovation center for black and Latina female founders in tech this summer. Located in downtown Atlanta, GA, the

Women 2.0 Spins Out, Expands Founder Labs Program To New York

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/tc-logo-founderlabs.png" class="shot2"></img> An organization that aims to diversify and strengthen the pool of successful startup founders in