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To find success as a woman founder, embrace your scrappy side

There is a wealth of information on the internet about fundraising for startups, but the existing playbooks need to be updated for women.

When does a startup know it’s time to spread its wings?

Welcome to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups. Mary Ann and Alex invited ALIAVIA Ventures co-founder Marisa Warren on the show.

At just 2.1% of all VC investment, funding for women remains ‘meh’ in Q1 2023

No matter what the year brings, the percentage of funding to women has been stagnant for so long that to harp on about it feels rather fruitless.

Tory Burch Foundation launches tool to help women founders find capital

The tool comes at a perilous time for many women founders: last year, companies founded solely by women received just 1.9% of all capital allocated to US startups.

For female VCs, bias is a branding issue

More women in venture means that bias and strategic branding are increasingly more relevant for a larger fraction of check-writers.

Female check-writers alone aren’t enough to close the female fundraising gap, data shows

Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single pe

Amplifica Capital ‘wants to be the fund that LatAm’s female tech founders reach out to first’

Amplifica invests mainly in teams where there are female founders or co-founders or goods and services focused on women.

The good and bad news for women founders so far in 2022

How are women faring amid the venture capital and startup slowdown? New data paints a somewhat uneven picture, albeit one that tilts toward the negative.

Austin-based True Wealth Ventures raises second fund to back women-led startups

Sara Brand and Kerry Rupp of Austin, Texas-based True Wealth Ventures defy many trends in the venture capital world. The investors, who raised $19.1 million for their first fund in 2018, have just clo

Data obscures positive trends in VC dollars reaching women-founded startups

There’s work to be done, but pretending aggregate deal value is the metric that matters is malpractice.

6 African women CEOs discuss how they raised more than $1M in 2021

Women-founded companies in the U.S. raised more money from venture capitalists in 2021 than ever. Reports indicate they secured 83% more funding than the previous year, primarily attributed to the rec

Why aren’t female founders getting a bigger piece of the pie? Theories abound

Less than 2% of venture capital funding went to all-female founding teams in 2021, marking a five-year low, new data from PitchBook shows. All-female founding teams did receive 83% more funding in 202

Three-quarters of record-breaking funding for female founders is a win

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. And have fun! This week our very own Mary Ann was off — we

Groopit announces $2M pre-seed to help execs access crowdsourced company data

Groopit, an early-stage startup from a 20-year Microsoft veteran, wants to help companies crowdsource data from information supplied by employees working in the field. Today, the company announced a $

The Artemis Fund focuses on women founders in underserved communities

The Artemis Fund is a Houston-based firm built by three women with the goal of encouraging more women-led startups. The company launched in 2019 and has raised a $15 million initial fund, which closed

Female-led startups dominate Catalyst Fund’s inclusive fintech 2021 cohort

Catalyst Fund, a global accelerator managed by BFA Global, announced the 8th cohort for its Inclusive Fintech Program today. The accelerator runs the flagship program annually and with a focus on Keny

UK report spotlights the huge investment gap facing diverse founders

New research looking into how U.K. VC has been invested over the past decade according to race, gender and educational background makes for grim reading — with all-ethnic teams and female entrep

Ready Set Raise, an accelerator for women built by women, announces third class

In 2018, Leslie Feinzaig, the founder of Female Founders Alliance, launched a free, equity-free accelerator for women called Ready Set Raise. The goal was to provide under-networked female founders th

Social network for women, Peanut, raises $12M Series A amid pandemic

Peanut, an app that began as a tool for finding new mom friends, has evolved into a social network now used by 1.6 million women to discuss a range of topics, from pregnancy and parenthood to marriage

Ready, Set, Raise — the Y Combinator for female founders — announces second cohort

Ready, Set, Raise is a startup accelerator for women and non-binary founders.
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