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  • A $250 million office space is vying to be the future home for New York’s startup culture

    A $250 million office space is vying to be the future home for New York’s startup culture

    Three years might as well be 50 in startup land. It’s hard to say precisely where New York City’s tech community will be by the time 2020 rolls around, but living in the Big Apple certainly doesn’t look to be getting any easier for recent grads looking to make a name for itself. As Fast Company notes in a new profile on the upcoming 14th @ Irving workspace, the whole… Read More

  • 'Fast Company' Influence Project Proves Online Influencers Have No Actual Influence

    So I’ve blocked out communications from Fast Company ever since their linkbait Influence Project started a couple of months ago, so I didn’t see this below email sent to all “participants” of the project signaling its close (thanks Danny Sullivan!). The Influence Project’s basic goal was to get people click on Fast Company links — the more links you… Read More

  • FastCompany.TV Launches: More Scoble, Now On A Beach

    viewNode(“4b7771ec503d4”, {“width”: “450”, “height”: “267”}); Nearly missed this one. The Robert Scoble run FastCompany.TV has launched with more Scoble, more often. In the intro video above Scoble explains what he has planned for the site, complete with a beach scene that is straight out of a daytime soap opera. The site has… Read More

  • Fast Company Goes Social

    Today, Fast Company relaunched its Website as a business social network, putting blog posts, comments, and questions from its readers front and center. Readers are now are encouraged to sign up, create a profile, and “join the business conversation.” Over the past few years, the print version of Fast Company has been brought back from near-death (thanks largely to the efforts of… Read More