Verified Expert Brand Designer: Lake Buckley

In 2017, Lake Buckley turned down an in-house role at Patagonia to launch her freelance design career in a 400 sq. ft studio in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, the RISD-trained designer and art director has helped founders bring their mission-driven brand to life. We spoke with Lake about why she chose to become an independent designer, what makes a successful client collaboration, and what projects she’s most proud of (hint: one of them involves fig wasps).

Why she likes working with founders:

I think entrepreneurs are less jaded. They’re putting a lot more on the line and so because of that, oftentimes, they’re going to be a bit more awake at the switch, a bit more passionate, and down to do things in a non-traditional way. I really enjoy the level of excitement that they bring to the table because there is no one forcing them to start their own company. It’s coming from a place of genuine belief in their idea. It’s contagious. I think it’s important to maintain a sense that you’re doing things out of choice, not because you’re forced to. I really appreciate that energy coming from founders.

On her ideal client:

“I am excited about companies that care about design and are interested in taking risks and having a unique visual perspective. I love it when there is room to be humorous, bizarre, and slightly whimsical. I have a bold POV, and I look for clients that celebrate that.”

“Lake created an entire illustration system, a photography system, a color system, elements for a tone of voice, and a detailed strategy for deploying each of these elements in harmony.” A media executive in NYC

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The Interview

Yvonne Leow: Can you tell me how you got started in design?

Lake Buckley: I’ve always been a maker. As a kid, I had a hundred projects going on at once. Knitting shoes, baking bread, drawing, making short movies with my brothers, etc. As I got older, I continued to study design and art as well as environmental science. The art gallery world that I had been exposed too felt too insular, and I enjoyed the practical nature of design and the myriad applications of it. I studied art and science in undergrad but I wanted a more formal design training, so I pursued graphic design at RISD for my graduate degree.