FastCompany.TV Launches: More Scoble, Now On A Beach

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Nearly missed this one. The Robert Scoble run FastCompany.TV has launched with more Scoble, more often. In the intro video above Scoble explains what he has planned for the site, complete with a beach scene that is straight out of a daytime soap opera.

The site has launched with two shows, Scobleizer TV, Scoble’s own show that was previously with Podtech, and “FastCompany Live,” live video shot from cell phones Qik style.

So far Scoble hasn’t cried in any of the videos I’ve watched; perhaps in future episodes they’ll place puppies and kittens on the beach to get the tears happening, or maybe baby seals to keep with the nautical theme.

See our previous coverage of here and here.

Update: Here’s what made Scoble cry, his video of the WorldWide Telescope project. The light show starts about a quarter of the way in:

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