• Crunch Report | Facebook’s Fake News Problem

    Facebook has a fake news problem, Snapchat’s Spectacles hype train continues into Tulsa, Oklahoma, Apple releases a coffee table book, Microsoft partners with OpenAI and we have our friend Justin Kan on the show with his new app, Whale. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Metal Parts Hidden Inside A Hard Drive Casing: The New Rickrolling?

    Metal Parts Hidden Inside A Hard Drive Casing: The New Rickrolling?

    A man in China bought a Samsung hard drive for about $35 on Taobao. He opened it up, plugged it in, and found that it wasn’t showing the full storage capacity on his computer. A few minutes later, he found out why – someone had replaced the innards with a bunch of nuts and bolts hotglued into the case. The light? It was just connected to a USB key. Read More

  • Siri Android Clones Are Laughable At Best

    Siri Android Clones Are Laughable At Best

    When we first introduced the Siri clone Iris, I figured that would be the last of the outright Siri-alikes. I was wrong. Programmers are taking advantage of less experienced users and creating apps that are downright insulting to the average intelligence. One app, called Siri for Android is a hard link to Google’s voice controls while another, called Speerit is a Korean clone that… Read More

  • Fake Apple Store Is Now The “Smart” Store

    Fake Apple Store Is Now The “Smart” Store

    MICGadget has some action shots of the Kunming “Apple” store that raised so much Internet ire and mirth a few weeks ago. Although the insides are the same, you’ll notice one big difference: the apple is still there but the text has been replaced by a nail-salonesque sign dubbing the shop the “Smart Store.” They still sell Apple products, but now they’re smarter. Read More

  • Fake iPad Cover Is Fake

    Smart Cover Knockoff from M.I.C. Gadget on Vimeo. To continue our counterfeit morning we present to you a fake iPad Smart Cover from China that includes such features as “the cover breaks,” “horrible smell,” and “does not stick to the iPad.” What are your savings? About $6 off of the standard Apple $39 price. Seems like a real steal! Read More

  • Knocking Off The HTC Evo 4G

    Sure, it looks like a HTC Evo 4G. They got the buttons right, the camera on the back, and a 4.3 inch screen, which translates out to 800×480. And that’s where things start to go wrong. The guts are what really matters, and this is where things get foggy. No idea on the CPU, and that camera on the back isn’t 8 megapixels. There also isn’t a secondary camera on the front… Read More

  • Leica is not going to be happy about the Likea MPH

    So you can’t afford to pop for a real Leica MP camera. Not a problem! Some enterprising bloke has a cheapskate alternative for you, the Likea MPH. Sure, it’s not the real thing, but it looks close and it’s $4,575 cheaper then an actual Leica. Read More

  • Is this your new iWatch?

    Wouldn’t it be great if this thing were real? You could do all kinds of great stuff on your iWatch like slide to unlock and tell the time. Presumably apps would be a pretty limited – 2 inches by 1 inch won’t be a good battleground for Plants vs. Zombies – but a girl can dream, can’t she? Read More

  • Huzzah! The iPhone 4G gets a Chinese clone [update: now with video!]

    How many Shanzai does it take to clone the new iPhone? Apparently one and he doesn’t need very long to do it, either. Hot on the heels of the iPhone leak Chinese cloners are already producing iPhone-alikes that look just like the iPhone HD/4G/XXX/]I[. Shenzhai makers in Shenzhen that have the most acute business sense took advantage of these informations and work out a clone of this… Read More

  • Fake security camera moves, pretends to keep you safe

    So you want your neighbors to think that your house is an impenetrable fortress, but you don’t really feel like shelling out the hundreds of dollars needed to buy actual security cameras? Maybe you’re seen those other fake surveillance cameras in stores, but you want something that moves, damnit. Well here you go: the Hammacher Schlemmer panning Faux Security camera set. Read More

  • Here they come: the first iSlate fakes

    Gentlemen, start your Photoshopping! Here we have the first of the iSlate fakes, similar to the older iSlate fakes. What makes this fake? All the icons are distorted and its showing ugly people in iPhoto. Apple never shows pictures of ugly people. Read More

  • Yet another new e-book reader – this one looks vaguely familiar

    Looks like 2010 is turning out to be the year of the e-book reader. I’m not sure at what point these are going to stop being news, but here we go again. Insdream is launching the SX601 which seems to borrow some significant design ideas from another rather popular e-book reader. The Insdream does use a different type of screen from the source material (can you say Kindle), but looks… Read More

  • Beware the fake WoW beta invite emails

    Despite the fact that Blizzard has warned us, there have been some fake beta invite emails starting to go out for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm. In fact, they tried to catch the CrunchGear crew this morning with their little fake email and site. Read More

  • The iPad Revealed: Purported screenshots of the Apple tablet OS

    Click to see it larger I’m not able to confirm or deny these shots are of anything out of Apple but our source tells us these are very early screens of something that “Steve wants,” suggesting that the iPad is more movie watching device than anything else. Read More

  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: Fake Linus Torvalds competition

    We all know and love Fake Steve Jobs, right? We all know that Linux users copy everything that Mac OSX and Windows do, right? So it should come as no surprise that the Linux Foundation is copying Fake Steve in their new Fake Linux Torvalds competition! Not content with a single fake Linus Torvalds, there will be four fake Linus Torvaldses (Torvaldi?)! And in true Linux geek fashion, the… Read More

  • The iPad Macbook touch, jumping the shark edition

    Could this be the Macbook iPad Touch Tablet Notebook Edition e-Reader? Or could it be the work of a bored young man who should probably be playing WoW instead of trying to spread vile rumors using poorly designed web pages and falsified images? Which is it, Tom? Which is it? Bonus Fun Quiz: See if you can spot the Photoshop artifacts! Read More

  • That USB chainsaw is not real

    So that fake USB Chainsaw from the other day is indeed fake. Hence the fakeness. It’s instead an eye-opening ad campaign aimed at educating the public about the wastefulness of printers. Read More

  • We hit the big time! Fake CrunchPads are coming out of China

    Now this is a jolly little happenstance. A Chinese manufacturer is selling what he says is a prototype CrunchPad “internet tablet” made by the inimitable Michael Arlington. Read More

  • The great Palm Pre shortage of 2009 is coming! Woe betide thee!

    This won’t be you. As if swine flu weren’t enough we can now expect to suffer under a Palm Pre shortage come June, a sure sign that we are nearing the End of Times and should repent. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse says that they won’t have enough handsets to go around and that customers should organize impromptu Thunderdome battles at Sprint stores in the “Two men enter, one… Read More

  • HP and Microsoft team up on Natural Keyboard netbook line

    Typing comfortably has long been the bane of any netbook owner’s existence and, while building bigger netbooks with closer-to-full-size keyboards has been the trend as of late, Microsoft and HP have joined forces with the Mini 2140N series — the “N” denoting the use of Microsoft’s “Natural” ergonomic split-keyboard design. Read More

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