Fake Apple Store Is Now The “Smart” Store

MICGadget has some action shots of the Kunming “Apple” store that raised so much Internet ire and mirth a few weeks ago. Although the insides are the same, you’ll notice one big difference: the apple is still there but the text has been replaced by a nail-salonesque sign dubbing the shop the “Smart Store.” They still sell Apple products, but now they’re smarter.

As we’ll recall, the owner of the Kunming store used to be an authorized dealer until he began to react to the vagaries of the market and sell things at a bit of a premium. He’s now selling a grey market gadgetry since his license was pulled. That said, the store is still open for business and able to supply all of Kunming’s Apple needs.

I wonder if he’s been shipping his hardware using the same creative methods his competitors are using. iPads shipment by jetpack, perhaps?