Fake security camera moves, pretends to keep you safe

So you want your neighbors to think that your house is an impenetrable fortress, but you don’t really feel like shelling out the hundreds of dollars needed to buy actual security cameras? Maybe you’re seen those other fake surveillance cameras in stores, but you want something that moves, damnit. Well here you go: the Hammacher Schlemmer panning Faux Security camera set.

I suspect that generally speaking, if you shop from Hammacher Schlemmer, you’re not going to need to buy a fake security camera. Going fake however, can be quite expensive. The FauxCam has a blinking LED, and a built in motion sensor that moves to follow the person in the target area. So if you’d rather have all the insecurity and none of the protection, you can buy this product for $59.95. Personally, I’d say buy a real security camera for about the same price.

[via Red Ferret]