Huzzah! The iPhone 4G gets a Chinese clone [update: now with video!]

How many Shanzai does it take to clone the new iPhone? Apparently one and he doesn’t need very long to do it, either. Hot on the heels of the iPhone leak Chinese cloners are already producing iPhone-alikes that look just like the iPhone HD/4G/XXX/]I[.

Shenzhai makers in Shenzhen that have the most acute business sense took advantage of these informations and work out a clone of this fresh iPhone, and that’s what in front of you.Except the copied design, nothing is special. You can expect things like dual sim, Java, FM radio from it as you do from other ordinary MTK chipset phones. No words about the price, but it’s not surprising if you see one in a electronic mall with a price tag around 500 Yuan.

UPDATE – GizChina has a video.

Trust me – no matter how great this looks it’s probably a hunk of garbage. But it’s pretty, non?

via ClonedinChina