Fake iPad Cover Is Fake

Smart Cover Knockoff from M.I.C. Gadget on Vimeo.

To continue our counterfeit morning we present to you a fake iPad Smart Cover from China that includes such features as “the cover breaks,” “horrible smell,” and “does not stick to the iPad.” What are your savings? About $6 off of the standard Apple $39 price. Seems like a real steal!

We had an awful time playing around the Smart Cover knockoff. First, we are unhappy with its price. It is only slightly cheaper than the original. We got the poly pink for 220 yuan (about $33), while Apple is providing it for $39. Next, it does not attach to our iPad instantly. We thought the knockoff will work the same as the original since it also comes with a self-aligning magnetic hinge. We were wrong. The magnetic hinge somehow got itself separated with the cover when we placed it near the left side of our iPad… Lastly, it stinks. We are not sure what kind of poly material the knockoff makers have used on their Smart Cover knockoff, it smells very bad.

via Engadget via MICGadget