EU-US Data Privacy Framework

UK bolts US ‘data bridge’ deal onto EU-US Data Privacy Framework

The U.K. government has officially confirmed it will piggyback on a transatlantic data transfer deal between the European Union and the U.S. by bolting on an extension that is dubbed the "U.K.-U.S. da

Europe adopts US data adequacy decision

The European Union has adopted a new transatlantic data adequacy agreement with the U.S. The much anticipated decision means there’s an immediate resolution to legal uncertainty around exports o

Meta says about 10% of its global ad revenue at risk from EU data flows order

Meta’s earning call yesterday was upbeat on better than expected revenue for the quarter. However buried in its disclosures to investors is a stark warning on looming regulatory risk it’s

EU confirms draft decision on replacement US data transfer pact

The European Commission has announced a draft decision on U.S. adequacy, paving the way for a replacement EU-U.S. data transfer deal to be adopted next year. The draft adequacy decision for the EU-U.S

President Biden signs executive order aimed at legal reboot of EU-US data flows

U.S. president Joe Biden has signed an executive order attached to reupping a flagship data transfer agreement with the European Union — with the goal of making life easier for businesses that n