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US DOJ’s blockbuster lawsuit against Apple is headline grabber but poses limited near-term impact

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Apple Thursday, accusing the company led by CEO Tim Cook of engaging in anticompetitive business practices. The allegations include claims that A

Apple’s antitrust suit is a silver lining for Epic Games

The Department of Justice and 17 state attorneys general filed a massive lawsuit against Apple on Thursday morning, accusing the company of monopolistic smartphone practices. Meanwhile, Fortnite maker

Fortnite is coming back to iOS in Europe (for real this time)

After terminating Epic Games’ developer account on Wednesday, Apple said it will reinstate the Fortnite maker’s access to publish iOS apps in Europe. This means that Epic can move forward

EU looking into Apple’s decision to kill Epic Games’ developer account

The European Union has confirmed it’s looking into Apple’s decision to close Epic Games’ developer account — citing three separate regulations that may apply. Yesterday the For

Apple terminates Epic Games developer account calling it a ‘threat’ to the iOS ecosystem

The Apple-Epic saga has taken a new turn today as the Fortnite game developer, Epic Games, shared that Apple has terminated its developer account. This is a reversal from the earlier approval of Epic&

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney calls out Apple’s ‘bitter griping’ after its EU fine over anticompetitive practices

“Denial is a river that flows through Cupertino!,” said Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, a notorious Apple critic who also sued the tech giant for anticompetitive practices, in a post on X, wei

Spotify, Epic Games and others pen letter to EC, claiming Apple has made a ‘mockery’ of the DMA

Epic Games, Spotify, Proton, 37signals and other developers had already signaled their displeasure with how Apple has chosen to adapt its rules to meet the requirements of the new EU regulation, the D

Fortnite will return to iOS in Europe thanks to DMA

Epic Games is preparing to return to iOS in Europe, as a result of the EU regulation, the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the company has now confirmed. The Fortnite maker says it will offer both the game

With Disney’s magic, Fortnite is poised to win the metaverse

We may not be using the M word much these days, but the race to build an interconnected avatar-driven virtual world didn’t take the last year off. The metaverse, a tech buzzword sandwiched in betwee

Disney takes a $1.5B stake in Epic Games to build an ‘entertainment universe’ with Fortnite

Lego Fortnite is only two months old, but Epic Games is already out with an even bigger collaboration. Epic and Disney announced today that the companies will partner on an “all-new games and en

The Epic-Apple antitrust saga isn’t over yet

Fortnite maker Epic Games is preparing to fight Apple in court over how Apple has chosen to comply with a court order that required the tech giant to change its App Store rules. In the antitrust case

Fortnite and the Epic Games Store are coming to iOS in Europe

Four years after leaving iOS, Fortnite is coming back — but only European players will be dropping in this time. The endless beef between Epic Games and Apple over the company’s App Store fees

Epic Games CEO calls out Apple’s DMA rules as ‘malicious compliance’ and full of ‘junk fees’

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney is none too pleased with Apple’s new App Store rules, dubbing them once again a case of “malicious compliance” and filled with “junk fees.” As

Lego Fortnite’s first big update squashes bugs and adds a launch pad

Epic’s standalone survival crafting game saw its first update on Tuesday, smoothing out some of the new game’s rough edges and adding a flurry of quality of life improvements. We’ve

Epic plans to contest Apple’s ‘bad-faith’ compliance with court ruling over App Store

Fortnite maker Epic Games is not happy about how Apple intends to comply with a district court’s injunction that permitted app developers to direct users to their own websites and payment platforms

Apple allows devs to promote subscriptions on the web with a 27% commission

Apple updated its developer guidelines today to allow U.S.-based developers to link out to the web to inform users about other ways to subscribe to a service without using in-app purchases. This follo

The mobile regulatory landscape is changing at an inconvenient time for Apple

With the tech world fighting to win the AI race while smartphone sales slow and regulations chip away at its legacy revenue streams, Apple has its work cut out for it.

Supreme Court declines to hear Apple-Epic antitrust case, meaning app makers can now point customers to the web

The Supreme Court has denied both Apple and Fortnite maker Epic Games’ request to appeal a lower court’s ruling on the alleged anticompetitive nature of Apple’s App Store. The decisi

Why Fortnite is getting into cozy gaming

When it comes to figuring out a formula for a hit game that keeps players coming back year after year, Saxs Persson would know. Now at Epic Games overseeing the Fortnite ecosystem, Persson previously

Epic Games won its antitrust battle with Google. But what comes next?

Google’s defeat in its antitrust battle with Epic Games was a sweeping victory for the Fortnite maker and a significant upset to the business model underpinning the mobile app ecosystem, where p
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