• How Old-School Management Kills Work Culture Crunch Network

    How Old-School Management Kills Work Culture

    Early in my career, I had an encounter with a senior leader that left such a vivid impression on me that I can still remember it like it was yesterday. It was our first meeting as manager-employee. We were less than five minutes into our conversation when he abruptly and sharply interrupted, “Wait, is your chair higher than mine?” Read More

  • Apple’s Diversity Report Doesn’t Satisfy CEO Tim Cook Yet, Though Inclusion Is A ‘Top Priority’

    Apple’s Diversity Report Doesn’t Satisfy CEO Tim Cook Yet, Though Inclusion Is A ‘Top Priority’

    Apple has followed suit with a spate of big tech companies and released a diversity report today, in the form of a micro-site with numbers breaking down the company’s U.S. race and ethnicity distribution, as well as its global gender split. The breakdown reveals a workforce that’s 70 percent male overall, with a whopping 80 percent of its tech employees (engineers, Geniuses and… Read More

  • Social Performance Platform Rypple Comes To iPhone

    Social Performance Platform Rypple Comes To iPhone

    The Web-based social performance platform Rypple is now available on the iPhone, the company is announcing today. Like the desktop-sized website, the new mobile application will allow managers to give real-time feedback to staff, provide coaching, track goals and publicly recognize colleagues for doing great work. Read More

  • This Just In: People like Facebook and YouTube

    Almost 40 percent of 18 to 24 year-old office workers said that they would consider leaving their jobs if their access to Facebook and other popular web sites was blocked from their work computers. The survey was given to 1,000 office workers and included other sites as well, YouTube being one of them, according to vnunet.com. The survey by IT services firm Telindus found that 39 per cent of… Read More

  • Apple Employees Flaunting iPhone In Public

    I realize the picture is blurry, but eye witnesses say this here ‘doofus’ from Apple was caught flaunting his iPhone at a party somewhere in the Bay Area. I’m at this party with a bunch of [company name deleted] people, and this dude from apple is conspicuously busting out his iphone. I really want this week to be over, I really do. Apple Employees Flaunting iPhones in… Read More

  • What AT&T Retail Employees Will Be Doing On June 29

    I know everyone is sick of everything iPhone, but we’ll do our best to refrain from posting every little tidbit of news this week. But I can’t promise anything because manufacturers seem a tad scared to release anything this coming week. This here leaked document describes a few of the duties that retail employees will be given on launch day. The only reason I’m bothering to… Read More