Google announces new AI-powered features for education

Google announced a bunch of new features for classroom management, accessibility, and AI-powered features for creating questions and lesson plans as part of the Bett ed-tech event in the UK. AI-powere

It’s a good time to invest in early-stage edtech, investors say

It would be shortsighted to overlook edtech amid the present downturn, especially now that AI is disrupting nearly every industry out there.

OpenAI signs up its first higher education customer, Arizona State

OpenAI has its first higher education customer: Arizona State University (ASU). Today, ASU announced that it’s collaborating with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT, OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot, to t

Parallel gets new funding for its teletherapy platform for kids with special needs

Schools in the United States are already struggling with a teacher shortage. For students with thinking and learning differences, it’s even harder to find teachers and other specialists that are equ

Generative AI: Transforming education into a personalized, addictive learning experience

Education has always been centered around the human element, and it's hard to imagine a world where machines can replace that.

Nucleos puts secure, tablet-powered education in the hands of inmates

Incarcerated people in correctional facilities around the country have wildly varying levels of opportunity to prepare for life after release. Nucleos is a startup that hopes to make the kind of e-lea

10 Minute School aims to democratize education for Bangladeshi students

Access to education in Bangladesh is filled with inequalities, say the founders of edtech 10 Minute School. Many rural areas don’t have good learning centers and as a result, students travel to capi

Nolej’s AI-generated classroom tools are a force multiplier for educators

The idea of bringing AI into the classroom doesn’t sit well with everyone, but the team behind Nolej believes that generative AI can supercharge learning — all while keeping teachers front and cen

English learning platform ELSA lands $23M Series C

ELSA, the English language learning platform, announced today it has raised $23 million in Series C funding. It also launched ELSA AI Tutor, which draws on years of speech recognition data collected b

Preply, the language app known for its live tutors, closes out Series C at $120M and doubles down on AI

Language learning platform Preply made a name for itself for connecting students with a selection of some 35,000 tutors and group classes across some 50 languages. Now it’s looking to the future

Loora, a generative AI app that uses an audio interface to help users learn English, raises $9.25M

The jury is still out on whether AI adoption really will spell the end of humanity as we know it, but in the meantime, we continue to see a boom of AI startups and AI dealmaking. In the latest develop

Google introduces new accessibility and collaboration features for classrooms

Google introduced new accessibility and learning features on Tuesday at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) expo. These features included expansion of the reading mode, pairin

Innovamat tallies up $21M to reinvent math education

When it comes to education, mathematics has long been considered one of the most challenging of subjects both to learn and to teach. A startup out of Barcelona called Innovamat believes it’s com

Edtech MindX wants to build ‘little Silicon Valleys’ across Vietnam

Founded in 2015, MindX was created to address the lack of coding in Vietnamese school curriculums. The startup’s goal is to create “small Silicon Valleys” across Vietnam, with educational center

Google Chrome and Classroom add new features for educators and students, including ‘reading mode’

Google is rolling out new Chrome and Classroom features for teachers and students, the company announced on Tuesday. The tech giant is adding a new “reading mode” for Chrome, an AI-powered

Course Hero, once an edtech unicorn valued at $3.6B, conducts layoffs

Course Hero, a tutoring business last valued by investors at $3.6 billion, has cut 15% of staff, or 42 people — its first round of layoffs in 17 years, TechCrunch has learned from numerous sources.

Fynn raises $36M for a platform to finance students in vocational education

When people think of the funding crisis in further education, thoughts normally turn to the rising price of a typical four-year college degree. But that’s not the only financial gap that exists:

As NYC public schools block ChatGPT, OpenAI says it’s working on ‘mitigations’ to help spot ChatGPT-generated text

New York City public schools have restricted access to ChatGPT, the AI system that can generate text on a range of subjects and in various styles, on school networks and devices. As widely reported th

Proposed legislation would force US higher education endowments to reveal where they invest

Higher education institutions have been notoriously secretive about where and to whom they invest money, and, despite calls for change, many have refused transparency.

Sequoia India eyes $50 million investment in K12 despite market slump

Sequoia India is in advanced stages of deliberations to invest over $50 million in K12 Techno Services, a startup that offers a range of services to education institutions and also runs its own chain
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