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VCs should give up on the winner-takes-all approach to investing

VCs shouldn’t get too hung up on a company’s chances of winning an entire category, because most won’t. And that’s fine.

Deal Dive: Forecasting rain on DTC’s Parade

While we don't have the numbers, it seems safe to assume Parade won't be the only DTC startup to see a similar exit.

Amplitude’s CEO feels his company would be ‘in a world of hurt’ if it hadn’t gone public in 2021

'There would be all this pressure to go public, but then there wouldn't be an appetite for it. And so [it would] be harder to get out.'

The tech jobs market is as strong as it ever was

It may feel like the tech jobs market is in the doldrums, but the data suggests that it could be much more robust than you think.

Deal Dive: This AI startup is racking up government customers

For most startups it is hard to land a government contract but IVIX has landed multiple inside the U.S. and beyond.

Startup founders should care more about Serve Robotics’ listing

Serve's going public gives us the rare opportunity to closely follow a startup's crucial, early growth days in a nascent market.

How Thomson Reuters is leveraging AI to enhance productivity, rather than replace jobs

Thomson Reuters has been around since the 19th century, but it's not stuck there, embracing AI as a way to help customers and employees.

Deal Dive: Most secondary sales in venture won’t look like Tiger’s Flipkart deal

Tiger Global sold its Flipkart stake at a valuation 7% below the startup's last primary round. This outcome isn't likely to happen again.

Commentary: The old guard in venture reigns supreme

Black founders have never raised more than 2% of capital in any given quarter.

Not all early-stage AI startups are created equal

As many entrepreneurs jump on the AI bandwagon, investors are being choosey about which kinds of companies they back.

Elon Musk is probably right about one thing

Electric utilities have been anticipating a surge, but Musk says their predictions are far too modest.

Deal Dive: Cutting through the noise in a category clouded by catastrophic failure

The startup is building a machine, VitalOne, that can perform more than 50 blood tests and get patient results back in 20 minutes.

What makes everyone so sure SAFE rounds are founder-friendly?

While SAFEs are generally considered founder friendly, when you get into the details it's less clear why they would be over priced rounds.

Deal Dive: Futureverse is a metaverse company that might actually get it

Futureverse is making tools that brands can use to build content for the metaverse, but not the one that Meta is envisioning.

Early-stage SaaS startups grow the same with or without VC dollars

A new report from Capchase found that SaaS company growth wasn't as tied to venture-capital backing as founders likely thought.

8 reasons why the venture capital market isn’t as miserable as you think

There's good reason to believe that the massive correction in venture capital activity that we've seen over the past six quarters has run its course.

The bittersweet tale of two seed markets

While seed-focused VCs are enjoying this market, other investors are pulling out and deal count numbers are down.

Suffolk Technologies looks to be more than a CVC by not really being one at all

Suffolk Technologies decided to raise outside capital instead of being a CVC to increase its scale and what resources it could offer founders.

Welcome to the new venture normal

The U.S. VC market has seemingly found a new normal: the number of deals and amount of dollars invested in startups so far this year is stabilizing.

Cooling inflation in the US brings slight relief to tech valuations

New U.S. inflation data is augmenting tech stocks, helping shares of cloud companies reach prices they haven't been close to for nearly a year.
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