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Deal Dive: VCs are no longer gunshy about firearm startups

Kai Kloepfer started biometric “smart” gun startup Biofire as a science fair project after the Aurora, Colorado, mass shooting in 2012 brought the U.S.’s gun violence problem close to ho

Deal Dive: It’s time for VCs to break up with fast fashion

VCs have long supported fast-fashion companies but the controversies and lawsuits they draw makes them riskier investments.

Pitch competitions help level the playing field for underrepresented founders, but it isn’t enough

Pitch competitions are a bright spot for underrepresented founders but not without burdens that regular funding doesn't have.

Reddit at $5B seems eminently reasonable

Reddit's feeling out its own IPO valuation is crucial, especially given that hightened regulatory scrutiny is restricting M&A as an exit avenue for unicorns.

Deal Dive: Can AI fix lost and found?

Boomerang thinks so. It uses machine learning to match photos and descriptions of lost items to streamline the lost and found process.

Here’s what to know to raise a Series A right now

If you're thinking about raising a Series A, you should probably start now.

Counting down to the Reddit IPO (again)

Let's make one thing clear: Reddit going public in the first quarter is not going to throw the IPO window wide open for other private tech companies.

Will startup valuations start to recover in 2024? Investors aren’t so sure

Most VCs think valuations are close to the bottom, if not already there, but few think there will be any relief in 2024.

Countdown Capital winding down is not a bad omen for micro funds

As long as micro funds can be nimble enough to gain meaningful ownership, they shouldn't be too concerned about Countdown's fate.

Deal Dive: Tier and Dott’s merger is not a sign of what’s to come in M&A this year

M&A is expected to rise in 2024, but we won't likely see a lot of consolidation among startups that wouldn't make it on their own.

Nasdaq CEO’s comments about IPOs portend sunny skies ahead for the tech industry

More than 100 companies are getting ready to go public on Nasdaq after filing confidentially with the SEC, Barron's quoted Nasdaq's CEO Adena Friedman as saying.

What happens to Carta now?

If a noticeable chunk of Carta startup and venture customers do leave, it would hurt the company's otherwise impressive revenue figures, but that seems unlikely to happen.

Carta’s growth story is being overshadowed by its stock trading snafu

Is Carta a bad business without a secondary-market trading arm? Can it scale on its other revenue sources to the size it needs to take its large private-market valuation live?

Jeff Lawson’s legacy at Twilio is about more than a few rough quarters

When we consider Lawson's tenure, the bulk of the company's life so far is far more telling of the real story than the past few quarters.

The goal of a startup is to cease existing

The whole point of a startup is to build something enduring.

VCs anticipate more exits in 2024 but have no consensus on when or how

Some investors are more optimistic about M&A in 2024, while others think we will see a rebound in the IPO market.

Debunking the myth that crowdfunding is only good for cash

VCs like to tout they bring value beyond their capital, but many startups say they've found the same benefits from crowdfunding investors.

With hopes for greener grass in Germany vanishing, consolidation is in the cards for cannabis companies

Not much happened when it comes to legal cannabis markets in 2023, which won't help cannabis startups that are already facing a challenging funding environment.

Startups aren’t doing as badly as you might think

A deep dive into the data from startup accounting firm Kruze Consulting shows that startups that can keep an eye on the fundamentals are in pretty decent shape.

Secondaries investors say some valuations are still too high

While valuations have fallen quite a bit, some sectors are still too inflated for secondaries investors to find attractive.
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