EC Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Lamborghini licenses MIT’s new high-capacity, fast-charging organic battery tech

Researchers have been scrambling to find alternative materials for lithium-ion batteries, from manganese to sodium. Now they might have another: TAQ.

The search for better unit economics prompts consumer tech investors to shift focus

A slew of consumer tech and companies focused on consumer packaged goods have gobbled up venture capital in the past year.

Pitch Deck Teardown:’s $1.9M seed deck

Here's a deep dive into the slide deck that used to raise its $1.8 million seed round, highlighting what it got right and what it didn't.

MacroFab’s approach may be key to nearshoring PCB manufacturing in the US

There’s a growing trend, fed by everything from IP concerns to Suez Canal traffic jams, to bring PCB production back to North America.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Northspyre’s $25 million Series B deck

Northspyre shared the deck it used to raise a $25 million Series B to bring costs under control for big building projects.

Startups, here’s how you can make hardware without ruining the planet

If you can't make planet-friendly choices as the founder of a startup, when the buck literally stops with you, when can you?

How Fictiv is making hardware manufacturing more like building software

What do you want to be good at as a startup? Running supply chains or creating and selling cool products?

A VC’s perspective on deep tech fundraising in Q1 2023

As realizing big exits becomes difficult, deep tech startups transforming entire industries offer some of the only paths to "10x exits."

Holiday shipping is easier this year, but the tech is still lagging

If we don’t act and improve shipping technologies, the logjams we've had to endure in the past two years will become commonplace.

Guidewheel lands $9M Series A-1 for SaaS that boosts manufacturing and trims carbon emissions

Startup connects existing factory equipment to the cloud, giving manufacturers a real-time view of their operations.

The weakest link: Charting supply chain risk in an era of globalization

It’s not just a feeling: geopolitical risk has been higher than usual in recent years, and for businesses with supply chain operations spanning the world, these risks are hard to avoid.

Is the future of the microchip industry going to be Made in America?

With all eyes on Taiwan and worries mounting around semiconductor supply, the U.S. CHIPS Act is timely. But it is not unique: Other countries also aspire to reduce their reliance on imported chips.

Beyond volatility: How semiconductor companies can thrive with a focused sector strategy

From a demand perspective, we expect 70% of growth up to 2030 will be driven by just three industries: automotive, computation and data storage, and wireless.

The passage of the CHIPS Act could launch another US startup renaissance

Intel's choice to build a $20 billion chip fabrication facility in Columbus, Ohio, along with the passage of the CHIPS Act, could set the stage for a startup ecosystem boost.

The next wave of supply-chain innovation will be driven by startups that help incumbents win

For years, the narrative for innovation in supply chain has focused on the disruptors. Less heralded has been the next wave these disruptors often catalyze: Digital enablers.

Batteries have become VC and PE’s most electric investment opportunity

Five years ago, battery startups attracted important but not transformative investments. But money began pouring in toward the end of 2020. What changed?

Charged with billions in capital, meet the 9 startups developing tomorrow’s batteries today

Today’s batteries are better in every respect than those made five years ago, but they still leave much to be desired. What’s needed are some breakthroughs.

6 tips for establishing your startup’s global supply chain

A global supply chain is, well, global. Each region, supplier and subcontractor in your chain needs to work in harmony with each other, because a single snag can ruin the whole process.

5 ways AI can help mitigate the global shipping crisis

AI is not a magic wand that will right all the world’s wrongs. But it can help businesses plan for problems in advance and respond to them appropriately if they happen.

Data-driven iteration helped China’s Genki Forest become a $6B beverage giant in 5 years

The bottled beverage industry wasn’t what Genki Forest’s founder, Binsen Tang, initially set out to tackle. The company aims to reach $1.2 billion this year.
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