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Indian startups were not spared in the global venture slowdown of Q3

Indian startup ecosystem had a lackluster third-quarter in fundraising terms; total capital raised by Indian startups in the Q3 2023 was off more than 50% compared to the year-ago period.

Nailing subscriptions in India

A look at subscriptions in India from two angles: the consumer market and B2B SaaS.

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What happened to Paytm’s IPO valuation?

Paytm's IPO price was simply too high compared to its recent financial results. Trailing results matter as well, and Paytm's were just too weak to support its IPO price.

Dear Sophie: Can our employee travel on DACA?

My company wants to send an employee to India to open an office there. He came to the U.S. from India as a child and now has DACA status. Can he take on this project and still return to the U.S.?

Investors say Indian startup funding could get even hotter after record Q3

Despite the Series B and C crunch, there’s plenty of evidence that India’s latest venture capital results are not the high-water mark of this startup era.

Early Q3 indications show India’s startup ecosystem is going gangbusters

It appears that India's startups utterly crushed previous venture records in Q3. What does that tell us? That India is precisely as bonkers-busy as we thought. And that it's coming for China.

Is India’s BNPL 2.0 set to disrupt B2B?

A specific vertical of BNPL products is gaining traction: one targeted toward small and medium enterprises (SMEs), also known as "SME BNPL."

India’s path to SaaS leadership is clear, but challenges remain

The future of SaaS is bright, and while nothing is guaranteed, it is likely that India will take an even bigger place in that limelight.

India poised for record VC year as unicorns head for decisive IPOs

India is on pace for a record year of money flowing into its booming startup sector. But as Q3 gets underway, something perhaps even more important is going on in India: public-market liquidity.

Common mistakes Indian startups make when relocating to the US

The United States is a welcoming market full of opportunities. However, relocating presents significant challenges.