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AI might be the least of edtech’s worries

While Chegg beat analyst expectations for the first quarter of the year, it also raised a warning that didn't fall on deaf ears.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is shaking up the edtech markets

Chegg’s dramatic post-earnings valuation flop will not be the last time that we see new AI tooling run headlong into existing enterprises.

5 key metrics that help edtech startups improve profitability

A good product, a great marketing team and a stellar sales team are no guarantee that you'll make money in edtech. You need a failproof strategy.

Edtech reacquaints itself with fintech

"Every company is a fintech company" is a common adage, but in today’s environment, the shift may be more about survival than serendipity.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Laoshi’s $570K angel deck

Laoshi raised $570,000 for its very early-stage language-learning app targeted at Chinese tutors and their students. Here's the deck it used to raise an angel round.

2022 European edtech report: Smaller rounds and fewer deals, but more angel activity

For the first time since 2014, venture capital funding to European edtech startups saw a decline year-over-year.

Edtech’s honeymoon might be over, but expect a second boom

Learning is something we all do from our earliest days to our final years, and the breadth of edtech is beginning to reflect this truth, and so is the startup and investment landscape.

7 investors discuss why edtech startups must go back to basics to survive

Investors are preparing for a time of going heads down, helping their portfolio companies that want to prioritize growth instead of raising more capital, and rethinking their metrics of success.

Despite creaky markets, European edtech is showing its resilience

The European edtech ecosystem has managed to maintain most of its momentum, with the sector securing $1.4 billion so far in 2022, 40% more than a year earlier.

Startup layoffs, the art of reinvention and a MasterClass in change

Changes within a particular startup can be used as benchmark questions for their larger market; in other words, we can use the micro to better understand the macro.

Use data from Q5 to boost mobile app growth for the entire year

Wondering how to improve the marketing performance of your mobile app in the spring without experimenting and extra costs? Take advantage of results from the high winter season, also known as Q5.

Is the SaaS selloff over?

The decline in the value of annual recurring revenue, or ARR, may be over, but there's also scant indication that we're about to see a rebound.

Should tech bootcamps keep using job placement metrics in their advertising?

Edtech has always been in pursuit of a magic metric, but measuring success for the sector has only gotten more elusive over time.

Edtech startups flock to the promise and potential of personalized learning

The rise of remote instruction left many parents freshly aware of (and annoyed by) the shortcomings of Zoom school, but for Letha McLaren, COVID-19 brought an epiphany: the importance of a headset.

European, North American edtech startups see funding triple in 2021

Brighteye Ventures' 2021 funding report, released today, highlights key global growth and activity metrics in edtech with a focus on Europe.

The unbundling of professional learning and entrepreneurship education

While both LinkedIn and Y Combinator are still going strong, a new crop of companies are looking to fill the gap via structured online experiences that combine training and connections.

Accrediting as a service and the future of alternative degrees

When it comes to fundraising or types of capital, optionality has been the term du jour in the current tech environment.

Quick observations on Udemy’s unicorn edtech IPO

The Udemy IPO might seem like good news. After all, the company sold more than $420 million worth of its stock while going public at a price that surpassed its final private-market price. And yet.

Udemy targets valuation of $4B in major edtech IPO

Udemy's slowing revenue growth is not bullish for edtech valuations more broadly; the company's modest resulting revenue multiple is also somewhat beige.

Udemy files to go public on back of growing B2B incomes

If we only valued Udemy on its business revenues, at its final private-market valuation, it would be worth 4.5x its Q2 2021 ARR. That's incredibly cheap.
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