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Klarna’s Q1 results show that the fintech unicorn’s turnaround is in full swing

Klarna managed to nab market share in a contracting market, keeping its own growth story afloat despite stiff headwinds.

Retail media targeting on the AI maturity curve

Let’s look at the three most important milestones along the road to predictive analysis in the retail media context.

Here’s what I learned while leading a bootstrapped startup to $40M ARR

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve reached $40 million in ARR through bootstrapping. From there, it was off to the races.

10 years of fintech failure: 3 more ideas that failed to live up to the initial hype

These innovations rolled out with hype and momentum, but they ultimately failed to change the way the average person manages their money.

How technology unlocks business models: The story of Netflix

Sixteen years after its reinvention as a streaming company, Netflix announced that it's shuttering its mail-order DVD business. Here's a look at how it got to where it is today.

VCs to recommerce startups: Let’s pop some tags

The recommerce market is projected to reach $250B+ by 2027: That’s 5x faster growth than the overall retail market.

Instacart’s Q4 results impressed. Are they good enough to push it toward an IPO?

Let's peek at the latest data and take stock of how far — and perhaps how close — Instacart has come to matching its performance and price.

How much progress is Klarna making toward profitability?

Klarna has had a publicly difficult few quarters. Now that we have its 2022 financial data, we can look more closely at how it performed amid all the noise.

Consumers find chatbots disappointing, but that won’t harm adoption

A new poll finds that chatbot experiences often underwhelm. That doesn't appear to be hurting deployment numbers, however.

The year customer experience died

It was a terrible year for customer service. As a result, customer experience, something we've been hearing about for years, suffered.

Is Instacart a forerunner of bad news?

Instacart's first major valuation haircut was a sign of bad things to come for other tech companies on the delivery, IPO or valuation fronts. It now seems that we might not have hit rock bottom yet.

Embracing digital commerce may be retailers’ best bet for staying ahead of a fast-moving industry

It’s time to take a look at where the digital commerce industry is headed, who the dominant players will be, what the challenges to adoption are and what brands will have to do to keep up.

Duffl’s David Lin dishes on why traditional rapid grocery delivery is not working

David Lin believes his quick commerce startup, Duffl, is an outlier in an industry that has seen its fair share of struggles lately.

4 ways to use e-commerce data to optimize LTV pre- and post-holiday

How do you take one-and-done shoppers and turn them into loyal brand advocates? The answer lies within the treasure trove of commerce data that you collect.

Quantifying the global e-commerce slowdown

What do recent e-commerce earnings results tell us about the post-pandemic e-commerce reality?

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy faces enormous challenges amid falling profits and negative numbers

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy worked his way to the corner office the old-fashioned way but is facing immense challenges amid falling profits.

Tips for e-commerce brands that want to win market share this holiday season

Companies will need to be ready to shift their strategy for discounting, inventory planning and ad and marketing spend, all while fending off potential consumer fatigue.

Korean internet giant Naver eyes North America, Europe as it grows its C2C marketplace business

Naver is using its acquisition of Poshmark to expand in North America and Europe as it grows its consumer-to-consumer marketplace business.

What does Instacart’s supposedly delayed IPO teach us about how unicorns think?

Instacart delaying its IPO has left us bereft of new unicorn liquidity data for the rest of 2022. But this turn of events does teach us a few things.

Poppin’ bottles: VCs continue to pour millions into independent beverage startups

Venture capital dollars continue to flow into independent beverage startups. But is there an exit?
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