EasilyDo brings its powerful Email app to Android

EasilyDo's simply named "Email" application is one of the most popular productivity apps on iOS, because it closely resembles the look-and-feel of Apple's default Mail app, but comes with more powerfu

EasilyDo’s speedy new mail app puts a smart assistant in your inbox

Productivity app maker EasilyDo is best known for its smart assistant for iPhone that lets you do things like organize your travel plans, track shipments, update your contacts, create personalized ema

Smart Assistant App EasilyDo Gets Down To Business With Salesforce Integration

EasilyDo, the app that automatically helps busy people manage their calendar, contacts, and to-do lists, has a new trick up its sleeve. The app now has features it hopes will appeal to enterprise user

Personal Assistant App EasilyDo Introduces Its First Premium Features

<a target="_blank" href="https://www.easilydo.com">EasilyDo</a>, a smartphone app that aims to help users become more productive, is launching version 3.0 today with a number of additions, including i

To-Do List App EasilyDo Launches A Tool For Creating Automated Tasks

When co-founder and CEO Mikael Berner first showed me his app <a target="_blank" href="http://www.easilydo.com">EasilyDo</a> last year, he pitched it as a tool for increasing productivity and "making

Easilydo Raises $4.3M For Its Just-Launched iPhone App That Makes You More Productive On Facebook, Email, And Elsewhere

Startup <a target="_blank" href="http://www.easilydo.com">Easilydo</a> is launching a new kind of to-do list app today that, according to founder and CEO Mikael Berner, focuses on "making life simpler