Easilydo Raises $4.3M For Its Just-Launched iPhone App That Makes You More Productive On Facebook, Email, And Elsewhere

Startup Easilydo is launching a new kind of to-do list app today that, according to founder and CEO Mikael Berner, focuses on “making life simpler” and helping its users “be awesome.”

To make that happen, Easilydo integrates with several other applications on your phone. When you first open the Easilydo app, it suggests connecting with your Facebook account and your iPhone Address Book. If you do that, the app starts pulling in data and creating a list of tasks, such as telling someone “happy birthday!” and sending them a Facebook Gift, sending congratulations to your friends for good news and condolences for bad news, and merging duplicate contacts in your address book.

As you connect more services, you can also do things like track shipments, jump on conference calls (Easilydo will even dial the conference password for you), and get reminders about when you should leave for your next meeting (plus send messages if you’re going to be late).

Looked at individually, none of these tasks seems all that impressive (particularly the birthday wishes, which are the most popular task). But the Easilydo team makes them easy to accomplish — Berner said every job in the app can be done in one screen — and it aggregates them all in one place, rather than make you go from app to app. So if you’ve got a few minutes to kill, you can just open Easilydo and work down the list. Afterwards, you can feel all smug about your productivity by looking at a list of the tasks you’ve already accomplished. Easilydo also drives home the convenience idea by telling you how many minutes you’ve saved by using the app.

The company initially tested the product with a Canadian release, and it’s launching in the U.S. today. Berner said Easilydo plans to expand the number of tasks the app can accomplish, both by building new functionality itself and by recruiting outside developers. And he sees a big opportunity for professional use — the first step is to get Easilydo inside the enterprise firewall.

You can download the app here. Easilydo is also announcing that it has raised a $4.3 million funding round from U.S. Venture Partners and Mayfield Fund.