Smart Assistant App EasilyDo Gets Down To Business With Salesforce Integration

EasilyDo, the app that automatically helps busy people manage their calendar, contacts, and to-do lists, has a new trick up its sleeve. The app now has features it hopes will appeal to enterprise users, specifically salespeople and execs who need help keeping track of their contacts in Salesforce.

The newly launched EasilyDo Business Edition will do all the things that previous versions did, making sure users’ contacts are in order and that they have easy access to travel and shipping information. But it adds new capabilities that take advantage of its predictive AI for updating contacts and adding notes to clients in the place in their existing CRM.

By integrating with Salesforce, contact information for customers or new prospects that is stored in their phone address books or email contacts will be entered into the CRM. EasilyDo will also log emails for anyone listed in Salesforce, making it easy for users to search through previous correspondence.

In addition, EasilyDo Business Edition will enable users to take notes in Evernote and have them attached to the appropriate Salesforce Objects. They’ll also be able to scan business card for contacts and have them automatically added to their CRM. With the integration, users will be able to access key documents from a number of different cloud providers. That includes Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

The Business version of its offering builds on top of premium features it’s already launched, and charges a premium subscription fee to access them. Enterprise users of EasilyDo can pay $25 a month for access, or $240 for a full year (which comes out to $20/month). The app is now available in Salesforce App Exchange.