Personal Assistant App EasilyDo Introduces Its First Premium Features

EasilyDo, a smartphone app that aims to help users become more productive, is launching version 3.0 today with a number of additions, including its first premium features.

The app basically provides users with a to-do list that allows them to perform basic tasks, such as getting directions to their next meeting or posting birthday messages on Facebook with minimal effort — usually just a single tap. It also allows users to build their own automated tasks.

By paying an additional $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, users can now get access to more features, such as improved contact management, e.g. contact details automatically saved from email; real-time travel alerts for things like gate changes and flight delays; real-time notifications for important emails such as airline boarding passes and restaurant reservations; 10 percent off gift cards purchased in the app; and improved customer support.

“We wanted to make sure we had a good, loyal, regular customer base and that they told us what they wanted,” co-founder and CEO Mikael Berner said. “We didn’t put any premium features in the way of the value for most people.”

He also noted that these subscriptions will serve as the company’s second revenue source, after gift card purchases.

And yes, EasilyDo 3.0 includes new features for non-paying users, too. The feed of tasks is supposed to be smarter now, for example adding weather alerts in the morning and traffic alerts at the time that you usually leave for the office. You can now set reminders to appear automatically at a certain time. And the premium travel alerts will be available for free for “a short introductory period.”

Berner said that EasilyDo is moving further away from the smart calendar apps that it seemed it was competing with initially, at least in some ways, and is becoming more like a homescreen app. In fact, he suggested that Google Now has done a lot to help acquaint people with the concept.

“We believe we will eventually evolve into an applciation that makes it so that you never have to search again,” he said.