EA Sports

  • Computer version of Tiger Woods to be browser-based, PC and Mac compatible

    EA is going the online-only route this year for the computer version of the Tiger Woods golf franchise, called Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online. That’s good in the sense that it’ll be Mac compatible too, updates should be automatic, and you’ll be able to play from any computer. Read More

  • EA Sports' NHL 10 adds first-person fighting, 200+ other 'refinements'

    Along with the promise of “over 200 gameplay refinements,” EA Sports will be adding first person fighting to NHL 10, due later this year. Other enhancements include players being able to “one-time loose pucks, score from their knees, knock pucks out of the air and lift a leg to fake a shot on goal.” Read More

  • Downloads ahoy: EA Sports looking to move away from physical media releases

    Services like Steam and Good Old Games are so darn convenient. I recently switched out the hard drive in my MacBook, and gave the Windows partition enough room to instal a handful of games on. (On there now: Half-Life, KOTOR, and Fallout.) Being able to download the game, in the case of Half-Life and Fallout, and install without having to locate a dumb disc, which is probably somewhere in… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: EA Sports Plug N' Play for $9.36

    This, my friends, is one of my most cherished possessions. I bring it with me on any trip, whether for business or pleasure. I believe I paid about $30 for the EA Sports Plug N’ Play when it first came out but DeepDiscount.com is selling it for $9.36 with free shipping. Read More

  • Wii version of ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10’ to feature MotionPlus

    If you’re like me, you’ve been a longtime fan of the Tiger Woods games on the Wii but you were disappointed with Tiger Woods 09’s mere incremental upgrades and overly frustrating putting system. If you’re not like me, you probably yelled at me for being down on the game, accusing me of never playing golf in real life and wondering why-oh-why anyone would pay me to… Read More

  • EA sets sights on Wii Fit fans with EA Sports Active

    Looks like EA Sports is getting into the Wii-based fitness arena with EA Sports Active. It’ll be launching next spring, right about the time you grab hold of your ever-lingering holiday gut with both hands, look skyward, and scream "Whaaaeeeyyyyy?" While somewhat similar to Wii Fit, EA Sports Active will eschew a balance board-type apparatus in favor of "two… Read More

  • EA considering Spore downloadable content: Yes, you'd have to pay for it

    EA would love to be able to sell you Spore parts in the future. Heads, arms, planets, etc. This isn’t surprising given EA’s history, but it’s fodder enough for anti-EA zealots to freak out, to be sure. That’s provided the game sells well enough for EA to even have the opportunity to nickel and dime us later on. How is it, then, that Valve can keep releasing content… Read More

  • Wii: Tiger Woods ‘09 finally gets online play, plus better swing mechanics and five new courses

    http://videomedia.ign.com/ev/ev.swf This year’s version of Tiger Woods for the Nintendo Wii should finally address some of the shortcomings of the first two titles. Most notably, you’ll finally be able to play online against three other players. What’s really cool about the online mode is that all four of you will take your shots independently of each other. So you’ll… Read More

  • EA's Peter Moore says to expect great things from upcoming sports titles

    Peter Moore, seen here playing DDR, is rather bullish on EA’s sports properties. Rather than “rest on its laurels,” he says EA’s upcoming sports titles will be incredible, expect nothing but the best, etc. Several EA sports games have won sports game of the year honors from various publications; Madden was the fourth best selling game overall last year; NASCAR has… Read More

  • EA may cut prices on certain EA Sports titles

    Uh oh. A guy in a suit is saying that Electronic Arts is going to be slashing the prices on certain EA Sports titles, mostly for the PlayStation 2 although I’d expect some PC-version cuts in there as well. These are the "08" games too like NBA Live 08, Madden 08, and Tiger Woods 08. Fourteen games in all will be price-reduced. Analyst Evan Wilson says that "pre-holiday… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Back on the Gridiron

    It is hard to believe it is August already. That means summer will soon be turning to fall. Kids go back to school, the weather gets cooler and the leaves change color. But most of that doesn’t matter to a lot of guys, because fall means football season. But in the world of video games you don’t have to wait until September for the kickoff. The games are already here! This week… Read More