EA Sports sez Spain will win the World Cup, USA crashes out in second round

Another day, another EA Sports prediction, World Cup edition. According to the latest game, EA Sports FIFA World Cup 2010, MIGHTY SPAIN will win the tournament. That’s funny, because as I write this Spain can’t even score a goal against South Korea…

The final will be Spain vs. Brazil (which isn’t a bad guess, actually), with Melo, Villa (2), and Fabregas scoring in the 3-1 game. England makes third place.

Team USA? We lose to Germany on penalties in the second round. There’s no shame in losing to Germany on penalties.

On bwin, a popular gambling site (which I, as an American, am barred from using, which is unfair), Spain is favored to win, followed by Brazil and Argentina.

Want a good bet? Put some money down on North Korea getting out of the group.

Would any international readers care to place a few bets on my behalf? I have PayPal. Silly American laws preclude me from placing bets online.