Fight Night Round 4 (and everyone else on planet earth) predicts a Pacquiao win


I know something about MMA, but I know next to nothing about boxing. Yet even I can laugh about the latest EA Sports prediction, via Fight Night Round 4, that says that Manny Pacquiao will beat Miguel Cotto this weekend. I laugh because saying Pacquiao will win the fight is like saying the sun will rise in the morning. (Now watch Cotto knock out Pacquiao in the first.)

This is just the latest simulation that EA Sports has run with its games. The most recent one, that the Philadelphia Phillies would beat the New York Yankees in seven games didn’t exactly pan out.

EA Sports has also predicted that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA Finals this year, and that the Pittsburgh Penguins will win the Stanley Cup.

Did EA Sports already do a UEFA Champions League prediction yet? (I imagine after the seeding we’ll see a FIFA World Cup prediction.)

And now we play the waiting game.