The NBA starts tomorrow, and so does NBA Live 10's Dynamic Season Mode


A little birdie, also known as an e-mail, tells me that EA Sports will flip the switch on Dynamic Season Mode in NBA Live 10 tomorrow. Well, for the Xbox 360 version; PS3 owners will have to wait till Thursday. This, of course, coincides with the start of the new NBA season, to be won, according to that same NBA Live 10, by the Cavs.

Dynamic Season Mode actually sounds pretty neat, truth be told. What it does is monitor the performance of teams and players (data is provided by Synergy Sports Technology), then attempts to bring that data into the game. So, let’s say, all of a sudden, Shaq starts hitting every single one of his free throws in real life. Well, that means the chances of Shaq making a free throw in the game goes up accordingly. Or maybe LeBron James, for whatever reason, just to show that he can, probably, starts hopping on one foot in real life. Assuming EA Sports’ rendering engine can render a hopping man, well, there you go.

So yeah, that’s it. I guess I’ll have to start watching SportsCenter again, now that basketball is back (the NFL can take a hike for all I care, and I get all my baseball news from Ron and Fez on Sirius XM.)