• Elgato intros the inexpensive EyeTV One ATSC TV tuner

    There simply isn’t that many easy ways to get live OTA HDTV on your computer while there is a ton and a half available for the now-defunct analog signals. But Elgato just announced the low-cost — and low feature — EyeTV One ATSC TV Tuner that brings one more solution to the table. Don’t run over to Amazon and buy this Windows and OS X device just yet. You might not want… Read More

  • CEA & NAB: TVs could be interfering with antenna reception

    Here’s a public service announcement from the friendly Consumer Electronics Association and National Association of Broadcasters: Move your TV antenna way from the TV for prime DTV reception. Read More

  • DTV coupon time is over! Many of you didn't care, apparently

    The government mailed out 64 million $40 coupons for DTV conversion. The program ended on the 9th, with 35 million of the coupons used. How can this be? There must be at least half a billion TVs in the US, and a lot of those households or stores needed to upgrade to digital. Do they not like free money? Did they get theirs through magic, or a secret non-government program? If… Read More

  • DTV box sales "plummet" – surpise, surprise

    Remember the big technology story of the first half of the year? Analog signals were suppose to be shut-off on February 17, but Obama saved millions of households from their procrastination by delaying it a few months. But eventually on June 12, those signals were turned off. You have to imagine that retailers moved loads of analog to digital converter boxes through the shut-off date. Not… Read More

  • Rumor: Qualcomm FLO TV is coming

    Qualcomm (they probably made the chipset you’re using in your phone) is working on bringing a new type of product to the US, the FLO TV. Roughly the size of an iPhone, the FLO TV is intended to allow you to watch digital TV broadcasts on the go. Read More

  • 98.9% of US homes able to receive DTV per Nielsen

    Good job, everyone! The DTV switch seemed to went well. The June 12 transition came and past on our end with little fanfare. Hopefully it was the same with you. Nielsen is reporting that the vast majority of US homes – 98.9% that is – can receive DTV signals. Kind of surprisingly though is that the under 35 demo is the least prepared with 2.7% unable to receive the digital broadcasts. Read More

  • Finally, a portable ATSC tuner, now if it will only work well

    Expect to starting seeing ATSC tuners in notebooks, netbooks, and UMPCs soon. MaxLinear and Hauppauge Digital are working on a minicard that should tune in ATSC, QAM, DVB-T, DVB-H, and DTMB signals. The small card also consumes 50% less power than other tuner cards, and the small size means that it can make its way into more packages. Sounds great, right? I’m just doubtful that it will… Read More

  • A prime example of why we need portable DTV

    Look at this dude. He wants some TV while he’s enjoying a cup at Starbucks. The only thing is that the switch to digital now requires him to carry a converter box alongside his black and white tube TV. If only the powers at hand could move along the development and approval of ATSC-M/H, he might be able to watch OTA PBS on his cell phone like the rest of the modern world does using… Read More

  • Reminder: The DTV Transition happens today

    We’ve been screaming from a soapbox for months about today. We’ve gave you a series of tips and tricks, along with answering all the frequently asked questions about DTV. Still, there are millions of homes not ready for the switch to digital according to a recent survey. But what are you gonna do? Read More

  • 2.8 million homes still not ready for DTV switch

    The DTV transition happens this Friday and there are still a bunch of households not ready according to a Nielson survey. It’s good to see that my grandparents aren’t the only old folks that get it as that segment is the most ready for the switch. However, there are still 2.8 million homes not ready with minorities leading the unprepared. Read More

  • Frequently asked DTV questions

    Lets keep this simple. You have questions about the DTV transition that happens this Friday, June 12, 2009 and we have the answers after the jump. See also our DTV Tips and Tricks for more help. Read More

  • 10 DTV Tips and Tricks

    The switch to all-digital television is almost here. Really, it happens this Friday, June 12, 2009. It was suppose to happen back in Februray but Obama and Congress delayed the transition a few months back. It’s probably for the best though. The extra time hopefully means that more folks are ready. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help ensure you’re getting… Read More

  • Digital TV transition trouble may force Americans to seek other forms of entertainment

    The Digipocalypse is fast approaching. Are you ready? Because apparently some 10 million Americans aren’t, and when the switch hits they’ll be cruelly deprived of television and will be forced to spend their leisure time interacting with their friends and family, perhaps out in that beautiful summer weather. CrunchGear’s hearts and prayers are with these poor wretches, and we… Read More

  • Help Key: We answer all of your DTV questions

    The analog shutoff date of June 12 is right around the corner. It will be here before you know it. The transition from analog to digital has been riddled with rumors and half-truths, but we’re here to help. Drop us a question after the jump and we’ll ensure that you and your family are prepared for the switch. Read More

  • Great map to help with the DTV reception

    Digital OTA is great, but it can be a tad tricky to pick up sometimes. This Google Map mash-up should help by providing data on where station’s broadcast towers are and how much power is needed to pick up the given station. We only have a few days left before the June 12th shutoff, btw. Is your family ready? Read More

  • Carol Brady educates about the DTV switch

    Remember the DTV switch? Yeah, it got pushed back a few months but the new deadline of June 12, 2009 is quickly approaching. Have no fear Carol Brady is here! The perpetually positive mother on The Brady Bunch has some handy tips for aging baby boomers about the transition. One look at Florence Henderson and you can tell that she knows her DTV stuff. And she’s very excited to tell you… Read More

  • The DTV coupon program is back on track

    HUZZAH! Thanks to Obama and his buddies in Congress, consumers will soon be able to redeem a DTV coupon for $40 off of a DTV box. The Economic Stimulus packaged funded the program with $650 million which should make a help the millions waiting for these coupons. Read More

  • Dish drops 104,000 subs in 2008 Q4, still manages to increase revenue

    Dish Network lost a bunch of subscribers at the end of last year but the company is still in the black even with losing 104,000 subs. Dish’s contract with AT&T is now up and it seems that all those peeps that got roped into deals are now dropping the service after the contract expired. Now, don’t think the company is washed up ’cause at the end of last year, Dish still… Read More

  • Video: End of analog broadcasts in Orlando

    A good amount of analog signals have been permanently turned off across America. It’s the end of an era, folks. In case you didn’t stay up late on February 16 to experience the shut-off live, we’ve got a video after the break of the Orlando market going dark so you can experience it too. Time to move into the digital age, America. Read More

  • DTV Coupon Money still weeks out – sorry procrastinators

    Well that’s what you get for procrastinating. Some 600 stations switched off their analog broadcasts today and you didn’t register for your coupon in time so you couldn’t purchase a DTV converter box partly on Obama’s dime. The stimulus package will provide $650 million in funding, but it will take some time to get that cash in the appropriate account and into the hands… Read More

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