Digital TV transition trouble may force Americans to seek other forms of entertainment

The Digipocalypse is fast approaching. Are you ready? Because apparently some 10 million Americans aren’t, and when the switch hits they’ll be cruelly deprived of television and will be forced to spend their leisure time interacting with their friends and family, perhaps out in that beautiful summer weather. CrunchGear’s hearts and prayers are with these poor wretches, and we beg to remind them that while broadcast TV may not work, your television is still useful for playing movies and games, or just for providing a central source of light around which your family can sit, motionless and silent.

Who makes up this unfortunate remainder? This useful chart should help:
Of course, that’s a bit of an oversimplification (and a mean one at that). The fact is that there are millions of old and poor people throughout the country who don’t have the money or savvy to set up the change, or, despite $2bn in funds being put into PR and transition groups, simply aren’t even aware of it. If you know any, point them toward our handy guide or recommend something easy like the DTVPal.

We have to make this work. After all, the family that stares together, stays together.