Some US television stations flip the switch to all digital broadcasts today

<img src="">Today's the day, kiddies. Today's the day that every broadcasting TV station in America was suppose to switch to digital

Line for DTV coupons is 4 million long

<img src="">Despite the delay to June 12th for the digital TV switch, the line for $40 converter box coupons is miles and miles lo

The complete DTV shutoff list straight from the FCC

<img src="">The original <a href="">DTV</a> shutoff date of February 17, 2009 is almost here and some

Obama signs the DTV Delay Act – finally

┬áIt’s official.

681 stations to turn off analog broadcast on 2/17

<img src="">As soon as <a href="">Obam

The DTV Delay Act isn't official yet, Obama hasn't signed it

<img src="">So, Obama? What's going on here? The Senate and The House of Representatives both passed the <a href="http:

DTV converter boxes might become scarce until April

<img src="">The companies that manufacturer the DTV converter boxes were under the same assumption as all of us that the DTV conversion

Major networks to keep analog signals on until June 12, DTV Coupon program might get more funds

<img src="">Now the <a href="">DTV Delay Act

DTV Delay Act passes, switch-off date now June 12, 2009

<img src="">Folks, the <a href="">DTV extension bill</a> passed the House of Representatives. The

House voting DTV Extension bill voting today (again)

<img src="">Today is the day that the House of Representatives are voting for a second time on the <a href="

What's so hard about the DTV switch, my grandparents get it?

<img src="">The family and I stopped by our grandparents house for a visit yesterday. It was a nice trip and we had a great c

Senate passes another DTV Transition extension bill

<img src="">It's <a href="

DTV Transition extension bill DID NOT pass the House

<img src="">The House of Representatives shot down <a href="

Senate expected to make DTV Transition optional to for a while

<img src="" alt="2002 (proof).pdf" width="630" height="299" />The Senate and President Obama are ready to pass legislation that will po

Hawaii officially shuts-off analog broadcasts 100%

<img src="">The great state of Hawaii is the first in the Nation to make the switch exclusively to digital. The change happened at noon T

Why the DTV switchover might be pushed back to June

<img src="">Us American nerds have known for literally years that analog TV signals were eventually going to be shut off. Congress set t

Buying a new TV or using an old tube TV with a converter; which uses more energy?

<img src="" />Environmental magazine Plenty got a doozie of a pickle of a question concerning the upcoming switch to digi

CrunchDeals: Digital TV converter box free after coupon

<img title="A80-1050-out01-tmc" style="display:inline;" height="461" alt="A80-1050-out01-tmc" src="" width="630" />Which will be

Video: Joe The Plumber explains how to install a DTV converter box

Oh God, yes! has released the second video featuring America’s favorite person from one month ago, Joe The Plumber. It’s so great, I’m literally ready for a pap sme

Video: Joe the Plumber explains the upcoming digital TV transition (for some reason)

Hey, America, remember Joe the Plumber? He was the unlicensed handyman who John McCain foisted upon us as some sort of tax expert (even though he had back taxes). Well that didn’t exactly work o
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